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RobbRus 10-12-2021 11:29 AM

AK Bakelite/Polymer Mag Dimples ???
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Good day everyone,

I hope I've posted this thread in an ok forum. I wasn't sure where this question should go. On nearly all military issued Bakelite and Polymer AK mags (for both 47 and 74 variants), I always see these dimples molded into the front edges of the magazine. They're never on surplus steel or the rare aluminum mags. And I have rarely if ever seen them on commercially produced mags.

My only thought is that they are some form of mounting point for a mag coupler. Anyone here able to confirm for me what these are for?

I've attached a pic for clarification if anyone doesn't know what I'm referring to.


RobbRus 10-14-2021 9:22 AM


SVT-40 10-15-2021 9:42 AM

It's due to the molding process. The Indents hold the front metal strap which is imbedded into the magazine during the molding process.

RobbRus 10-17-2021 11:19 AM

Thank you very much. It's something I've always wondered about and this makes some sense. However, it doesn't explain why the other metal inserts don't have the little divets near where they are placed before being molded around them.

Have a good one

SVT-40 10-17-2021 11:30 AM

The metal mags don't have the reinforcing rib. The mag body is strong enough to handle the camming action when a mag is seated or removed.

On the polymer mags the rear catch doesn't have any camming action on it, so it doesn't need reinforcing.

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