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Atlantic Firearms 04-30-2021 4:18 AM

AK47 Rifles
The supply of AK-47 rifles continues to be very limited and looks as if it will be this way for most of 2021. The main imported suppliers appear to be Zastava Arms USA and WBP Poland. We are seeing very few of the Romanian WASR 10 series.

Atlantic Firearms 05-01-2021 6:06 AM

More Zastava Arms ZPAP M70 rifles expected in 7 -10 days

Rocklander97 05-12-2021 9:17 PM

Hi, do you guys still ship to california ?

Atlantic Firearms 05-14-2021 3:02 AM

Yes we ship the Zastava ZPAP Fixed stock rifles to CA

65Shelby350R 05-27-2021 9:09 PM

Any word on when you guys might get the Zastava m90?

Atlantic Firearms 05-29-2021 6:14 AM


Originally Posted by 65Shelby350R (Post 25809583)
Any word on when you guys might get the Zastava m90?

We hope to see Zastva M90 rifles in late June if all goes well .

KINGZ06 06-02-2021 8:50 PM

Do you guys know when any Czech Small Arms VZ.58 rifles will be in stock?

peppermintman 06-22-2021 6:18 PM

In your latest video I heard you say Yugoslav M70 not M70 Zpap. Which was it?

Ish115 06-22-2021 9:27 PM

Will you guys offer ca compliance parts for the m90 when they come out.

Atlantic 06-25-2021 3:10 AM

Once the Zastava M90 rifles arrive we will start to look @ what could be done to make the rifle CA and other ban state compliant . 685757098397

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