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Garv 07-18-2021 1:53 PM

Welcome BHG.

In case you would like to become a commercial seller here, contact member bigcalidave for the steps to make it official.


I looked at your website for a bit.


You list DROS as 37.19. What is your total charge for a Private Party Transfer?

Barang 07-18-2021 2:43 PM

hi and welcome bhg.

Southcentral_323 07-19-2021 4:31 PM

Hi guys new to the forum .. quick ? How can i reply to a specific user on a thread without having to pm them

Garv 07-19-2021 5:07 PM


Originally Posted by Southcentral_323 (Post 25972310)
Hi guys new to the forum .. quick ? How can i reply to a specific user on a thread without having to pm them

There is a "Quick Reply" box at the bottom of the thread, type whatever and "Post Quick Reply"
Bottom left of the thread: "Post Reply"
You can also quote something (bottom right), make your comment and then "Submit Reply"

Barang 07-19-2021 11:17 PM

hi and welcome sc_323

The_Bowser 07-20-2021 6:18 PM

Hi everyone, my name is Brian and I live in the Bay Area! I wouldn't consider myself super big on guns but am pretty familiar with shooting as I used to be in the Army. Anything that goes bang or boom is usually a good time lol. I have a Shadow 2 which I plan on throwing on the marketplace soon. And my other one is a .45 ACP. Thanks for the add!

Garv 07-20-2021 6:20 PM

Welcome TB.

I'd post up a pic of Sha Na Na but we are having technical difficulties.

Barang 07-22-2021 12:30 PM

hi and welcome t_b.

SoTX 07-22-2021 3:21 PM

Hey everyone, my name is David. Got a few too many items in the safe these days, and you guys were highly recommended for your marketplace and general knowledge base on navigating the minefield that is gun ownership in CA. With that in mind, I figured I'd give this place a shot. Looking forward to potentially doing business with some, and chatting with you all!

Garv 07-22-2021 3:31 PM

Welcome TX

Barang 07-22-2021 5:31 PM

hi and welcome st.

Letskie 07-25-2021 4:39 PM

Good day all!!!

Barang 07-25-2021 4:55 PM

hi and welcome ls.

Garv 07-25-2021 6:28 PM

Welcome let

Teembull 08-03-2021 9:11 AM

Hello I'm new here and boy do I like the contents I see on here ??
great forum Thanks for having me!

holt7153 08-03-2021 9:27 AM

welcome, Teembull.

Barang 08-03-2021 10:31 AM

hello and welcome tmb.

Garv 08-03-2021 10:33 AM

Welcome TB

Teembull 08-03-2021 2:46 PM


Originally Posted by holt7153 (Post 26019563)
welcome, Teembull.

Appreciate you!

Teembull 08-03-2021 2:47 PM


Originally Posted by Barang (Post 26019809)
hello and welcome tmb.


Teembull 08-03-2021 2:48 PM


Originally Posted by Garv (Post 26019818)
Welcome TB

Thank you!

psaldevar 08-12-2021 10:19 AM

New guy here trying to learn the navigational features. I find the forums useful for me.

Garv 08-12-2021 11:24 AM

Welcome psal

Barang 08-12-2021 12:18 PM

hi and welcome psdv.

jk698 08-15-2021 1:06 AM

Welcome on board guys

mohammedano 08-16-2021 1:09 AM

What's up everyone! I've been shooting sporadically with friends for about 8 years and actually got myself a firearm last year. Been lurking for a couple months, joined a couple weeks back.
Big DIY guy and I've got a penchant for mechanisms. I've learned a good bit of stuff here and hope to learn more

Garv 08-16-2021 11:03 AM

Welcome moh

Omil 08-16-2021 10:33 PM

Welcome all new guys, have fun !!

Barang 08-17-2021 7:44 AM

hi and welcome m_a.

jh1129 08-29-2021 9:18 AM

Greetings to all !

Found this site thru browsing. I just got back into the hobby after a long hiatus.
I have found a wealth of information on this site and have reached out to several sellers ( am into 1911s and always on the look out ) . Lots of great people, willing to help !

Garv 08-29-2021 10:23 AM

Welcome 1129 and good luck in your searches.

mrpendleton 09-02-2021 7:20 PM

Howdy, will be moving to SB county shortly here. Pleased to meet yall

Barang 09-03-2021 8:02 AM

hi and welcome jh, mrp.

boaconstricter 09-03-2021 8:13 AM

New member here!

Doing some research in order to purchase my first firearm. Born and raised and Southern California.

Looks like a great community, hope I can contribute in time.

holt7153 09-03-2021 8:14 AM

Welcome, Boa.

Garv 09-03-2021 8:45 AM

Welcome Boa.

Red Tail

Barang 09-03-2021 8:56 AM

hello and welcome bc.

boaconstricter 09-03-2021 12:51 PM


Originally Posted by Garv (Post 26124637)
Welcome Boa.

Red Tail

Iím a Rosy man. 🐍

Driwayy 09-04-2021 4:37 AM

I have been here for a while now, never got to introduce myself.
Good to be around!

Thanks for having me.

Garv 09-04-2021 9:01 AM

Welcome Dri

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