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Yoyo21 02-27-2021 7:56 PM

Ammo Bros - Santa Ana
I just did a PPT at this store because this was the convenient location for the seller. At first, I was apprehensive about doing the PPT at this Ammo Bros because of the negative reviews one reads in reviews, especially regarding Ammo Bros in Riverside.

During the PPT process, the staff was very helpful and exerted effort to get the parties processed as fast as possible without compromising due diligence as an FFL. It helped that I already had all the necessary documentary requirements on hand prior to even walking in. The staff was courteous and attentive to detail. Total fee was within guidelines ($47.19). The store is organized -- they have lanes for those doing pick-ups, a lane for payment, a lane for DROS and those doing FSC (something other big box stores/FFLs to consider). People can walk in (no line outside) -- not like other stores where they allow in only 2 or 6 customers, but then again this Santa Ana store has a large footprint in terms of square footage. Like other FFLs nowadays, they don't have much firearms in stock.

The only thing I noticed about this store is that you can't reach them by phone (Even Turners answers their phone lines if you call. LOL) ....... no one picks up the phone and their answering machine is full. However, they are very responsive if you send them an email which is a plus, and email is better I suppose for record purposes. I'd do another PPT at this place.

Garv 02-27-2021 7:58 PM

I have only done one PPT there, but it was an estate sale and the seller was meeting several people at slightly staggered times.

The staff did a great job.

9Cal_OC 02-27-2021 8:09 PM

That’s one of my go-to FFLs for PPT. They try to get you in and out. No redundancy in going to cashiers and back (like Turners).

sumdood 04-02-2021 5:17 PM

Need an appointment for a PPT?


2Asupport 04-27-2021 6:09 PM

As far as I know, it is First Come, First Serve.

When you arrive, you are put on a list according to your place in line.

They do work through the line at a good pace.

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