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homelessdude 11-20-2020 8:27 PM

Mail in form for 2021 raffle
Why can't I find an entry form after searching the whole CRPA website. It said you can enter today ( black Friday ). They usually have a mail in form for this on the site but I looked real hard and never found it. Can anyone point me in the right direction or post a link to the form. Thanks

Never mind, I reread it and it's next Friday Nov 27. I'm old what do I know about online shopping stuff. Sorry

homelessdude 11-27-2020 8:20 AM

Done. If they sell all one thousand tickets that is one hundred thousand dollars to help fight for some sanity in this state. If you can its a good way to support the cause and you might win a nice firearm. A lot better odds than Vegas or the lottery. JMO

leman77 11-27-2020 7:27 PM

Can you post up the link?

TKM 11-27-2020 10:46 PM

Here's the calendar link.


OP wasn't real specific. Maybe this was it.

homelessdude 11-29-2020 5:41 PM

Thats it. A bargin in my opinion.

IRONWILL 11-29-2020 6:52 PM


czakita 12-23-2020 12:01 AM

It would be nice if they'd post the actual firearms that are available to win, might gather more interest.

Good luck to all CRPA members! :thumbsup:

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