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dw.watts 05-27-2021 5:36 PM

Voodoo Tactical M/L Range Bag
Hi, Iím Dave, and Iím a gunaholic. This disease caused the need for a new range bag(need more room). This oneís for sale.

Voodoo Tactical
Ventura county, but will ship(you pay for shipping).

As it turns out, they still sell this bag, although the mag management is a little different, for $80 before taxes(on their website). This was old school Voodoo Tactical before they started selling range bags that look like quilted picnic baskets. In great shape for the use itís gotten. Has all the stuff still, all zippers work, all velcro intact. Iíve included a stock photo!

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dw.watts 05-28-2021 6:06 PM

Make me an offer.

dw.watts 06-03-2021 2:27 PM

Price drop to 30, you cover shipping if you want it shipped.

dw.watts 06-05-2021 5:35 PM


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