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ditchdigger 01-14-2022 3:53 PM

XTC Match 1-30-22
The Santa Margarita Gun Club will be holding an 80 shot XTC Match on Sunday, 1-30-22.

The match will be held on Camp Pendleton, Range 214.

You must preregister for the match on Practiscore.

ditchdigger 01-21-2022 4:21 PM

Update: The XTC Match will be 50 rounds with sighters. It will start at the 500 yard line and end at the 200 yard line.

After the XTC Match there will be 2 CMP Vintage Rifle Matches. Both of these matches will be Course A. 5 sighters and 30 rounds for record.

Preregister on Practiscore.

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