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cannonfire 07-24-2022 10:48 PM

Is Burro Canyon actually dangerous?
I went to Burro Canyon earlier in the year and after going talked to a guy who said I should never go back alone because it's a very dangerous area. Apparently he had a couple of encounters with criminals in the area, including some murderers.

It just seems to me like anyone looking for victims near a gun range would have to be insane, but maybe that's the point.

71MUSTY 07-25-2022 12:38 AM

I've never been to Burro Canyon so I have no good answer for you except for this.

He claims he ran into some criminals including some murderers??? How does he know? Was he robbed and murdered??

Sounds suspicious.

Sanderhawk 07-25-2022 4:21 AM

I`ve been there several times over the years and never had any problems.

cannonfire 07-25-2022 6:59 AM

I hadn't looked into it as I had no plans to go back, but from some googling it looks like he wasn't lying about bodies often being found on the road leading up to it.

I think this is the case he was talking about.

He also had another story about some people attempting to rob his friend in the area.

HKAllTheThings 07-25-2022 7:09 AM

Thought this thread was going to be about those private ranges

BB-Stacker 07-25-2022 7:36 AM

I use to shoot up at Burro Canyon for years. Never felt unsafe in any manner while at the range. The folks in the office, target issue shack and the various range safe folks were always friendly, professional, and easy to interact with.

As to the route up to the range, most use CA 39 which is a typical mountain road, two lanes with lots of twists, turns and over hanging trees. There are several turnouts that over look the reservoirs just off the road going up the mountain. My biggest worry were the bicyclists who challenge themselves to make the run up to the bridge that crosses the stream that feeds the reservoirs. It's a narrow road so passing the numerous bike riders is a pain. Watch out for them going down the mountain. I nearly drove over a guy that fell into the road when he hit some falling rocks from a rock cliff close to the road.

No doubt there have been bodies dumped along that road or maybe a robbery or two at one of the turnouts. Low life's and criminals are everywhere. Heck, check out the You Tube videos of low life's at various hamburger and pizza joints. I wouldn't allow these issues to prevent me from enjoying a great day putting rounds down range at Burro Canyon.

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