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Jimboecv 11-07-2019 7:48 AM

Looking for a jeweler in Walnut Creek area
Wife's ring needs appraising and a tune-up. I think I saw there is/was someone on Calguns in Alamo but I can't find the info. PM me if you'd prefer that contact method.

Thanks everyone
Jimbo, ecv

BigPimping 11-09-2019 5:13 PM

sounds I have found the Shane Company to be the most honest and transparent place. I bought my wife's wedding ring there and we got mine there. They don't work on commission and all of their jewelers work is done on the premises.

XDJYo 11-09-2019 5:45 PM

We go to Hellers Jewelers in San Ramon off Crow Canyon. You could always try Tiffany's in Downtown WC.

Not sure of any CG jeweler.

Msmith4 12-01-2019 10:34 PM

Not sure if you're still looking but there is an amazing family owned jeweler in w.c..... the kings jeweler. The place and family is awesome

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