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jmlivingston 12-08-2007 9:14 AM

Avatar choices need to be kept family-safe and work-friendly.
Recently some members choices in avatar selection have been straddling the fence of decency for our forum. One of the goals of is to be family oriented, as well as to be relatively safe for many of our members to view while they are at work. The rule for avatars is no different than any other image posted on Calguns:
Nudity or porn of any fashion is not allowed, either as a displaying image, as a hot link or as links of any fashion. Pictures that do not meet the above discriptions but are suggestive or revealing can be posted as clickable (hot) links. If it looks like the over-sensitive office tattletale would get offended by it but it is not pornographic, link it. If it is a more tasteful image then it can be a displaying image.
Any avatars that are considered to be pornographic, suggestive, indecent, in bad taste, or offensive in a manner not listed above will be removed by the administration. Warnings will not be sent to individual members, so if your avatar changes we did it for the reasons mentioned above.

J M Livingston

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