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PTAGP100 10-15-2021 8:24 PM

M4 and 1301 side by side
Not my vid, its by Whisper Tactical and Autumns

First of its kind having both shotguns firing the same kind of various ammo.

W.R.Buchanan 10-20-2021 1:10 PM

That test was all about the choke in the barrel. The Benelli had a Modified Fixed Choke and the Berretta had a Changeable XX Full Choke Tube which is a .680 constriction versus .710 on the Mod Choke.

Both guns cycled pretty much everything with the exception of the Win Super Light AA's at 980 fps. Never seen those for sale anywhere as most AA's are more like 1200-1300 fps.

Both guns are well made I personally would go for a Conventional Stocked M4 over the Skeleton Stock but that's just me.

Really a Coin Toss.

However my A5 will beat either one, and it was made way back in 1963!


LBDamned 10-20-2021 4:12 PM

I ended up with both...

Have an M4 and like it... have a 1301 sitting waiting for me to go pick up.

I contacted Scalarworks about a SYNC mount for the 1301 (I have one on M4 and really like it)... they said 'maybe' by end of next year... if I can find a CROM before then, I'll use it instead.

Anyway - with so many M4 vs 1301 discussions - I succumbed to the fact that the real answer is 'both'... there is no other right answer.

BTW, this a better comparison vid:

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