View Full Version : Glock Lanyards, Glock Velcro Patches, Glock Stickers

Press Check
11-28-2013, 9:58 AM
These are Factory Glock items, and were given out at a Carbine / Pistol match in Ventura. I have several of each, but have no need for them.

The lanyards feature a quick detach, breakaway buckle, snap-hook, spring-lock, and swivels. It can be used to carry an ID, keys, pepper spary, or used as a make-shift lanyard for a pistol. The width of the lanyard is one inch.

The velcro-backed patches are 3.5 inches, and the stickers are 4 inches.

$8 shipped for lanyards, $4 shipped for patches, and $2 shipped for stickers via Paypal Friends & Family. If interested, feel free to respond via PM, but please do not post within the thread.


Press Check
11-30-2013, 10:16 AM