View Full Version : M1A 10/20s and permanence

08-29-2013, 3:38 PM
So, thinking about making some 10/20s for my Springer from CMI bodies.

Any suggestions? My first inclination is to epoxy spring to magblock, then magblock to floorplate, but I was wondering how others have done this.

I'm also thinking about trying this out with a Thermold mag body, which is a completely different beast in terms of how the floorplate attaches and how it interacts with the spring and magblock.

I'm aware of what the magazine capacity law states, especially the lack of guidance as far as how "permanently altered" is defined. I've also heard the argument that permanence isn't required since a disassembled magazine is just a parts kit -- I see the logic, but I'm not convinced a judge and/or jury would buy it, so I'm just not going that route.

ETA: I'm neither tooled up for riveting nor familiar/comfortable with the process, which is why I'm gravitating toward the block+epoxy method at the moment.