View Full Version : Rifle Basix Trigger - CZ 550/527

07-17-2013, 8:28 PM
Just wanted to pass on that the Rifle Basix replacement trigger for the CZ 453,527 and 550 is on sale at Cabelas - $29.98. I did a little looking around and see they are usually anywhere from $85.00 to $96.00 (which seems overpriced as heck).

I have a few CZs and like the factory adjustable trigger in "non-set" mode, but because it's a two piece even when set light it has a bit of a soft feel to it. The Basix is a one piece design, I think it will be a bit crisper. They list adjusment as from 10oz to 4lbs.

I'm not going to switch out the trigger of any current CZs, they're carbines or big bore and factory is fine for them. I suppose this means the next buy is a heavy barreled 527 or 550.