View Full Version : Public places to do some shooting in Norcal...

12-13-2007, 11:51 AM
No not in "da hood". I searched the formus but couldn't find anything, I heard about El Dorado National Forest, and I've been to Spenceville a few times, is that about it? If there is a link with directions to good, (legal) shoot'n spots please forward. I have some free time after Christmas and wanted to take a few friends for some plinkin. Thanks for the help!

12-13-2007, 5:00 PM
*nearly* any NFS lands and *some* BLM lands allow shooting. Skirt the sites for your area and look under activities or recreation. Most can/do say you need to be aware of the rule-- i.e. need a decent backstop, no shooting at glass, no shooting at trees, and pack out any debris/trash you create..........

01-31-2008, 6:40 PM
old thread but here goes my personal fave is indians on the west side of fort hunter liggett los padres nat'l forest camping guns and ground squirrels.....

02-01-2008, 5:20 AM
^^^^ Los Padres? WTF?

I think i'm going to have to break down and make a map in Photoshop with all the shooting spots along the MET and adjacent roads.

02-01-2008, 9:11 AM
Driving though fort hunter liggett and seeing bradlys on live fire maneuvers is insparado to just shoot...