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10-22-2007, 10:58 AM
I took a friend up to Los Altos on Sunday. Hopefully I've shown her what we as shooters are about.

This was her first time. Started her off with a .22lr Made sure we got the basics down, safety, sights, trigger control and follow through.

Eventually, she started asking to shoot the bigger guns so we started going up the food chain :)

By days end she shot the following

.22lr in a Ruger Single Six
.38spl in my Colt Python Tropper MK V
.357 in my Marlin 1894C
5.56mm in my AR
.45acp in 1911

She especially liked the the 40 yard tin can.

Choice quotes of the day.

Can I shoot the bigger gun?
Will they kick me out if I shoot gangster style?

and the best one of the day...

That .22 is my *****...

With her permission here are some pics (http://www.thewok.net/tan/RangeDay01/)

I also met a Dad and his kids and let him shoot a few rounds from my AR. I invited him over here to learn more about OLLs.


10-22-2007, 11:19 AM
looks like she had fun. that's all its about.

10-22-2007, 11:23 AM
That .22 is my *****...

Thats a hoot, loveit.

Love seeing the big smiles on shooters and she has a pretty one.

Good job starting her off with small caliber and working up to the bigger bangs, you done good.


10-22-2007, 12:14 PM
Hot chick, nice rifle GOOD JOB!

10-23-2007, 12:17 AM
Glad to see another lady at the range, thanks for taking the time to give her a proper introduction to firearms and their proper use. Her smile says it all :)

10-23-2007, 9:12 PM
Glad you guys had fun and that your friend had a positive experience. +1 on keeping her finger off the trigger when posing for pictures.

-1 on her stance with the lever gun. Lean forward or what the female gun instructor says to other female shooters, "Stick your tushy out".:D