View Full Version : WTS DPMS Target AR15- left port

10-09-2012, 2:58 PM
Have a single shot AR15 .223. Lower receiver is a single shot DPMS with Magpul PRS rear stock. Upper receiver is a DPMS extra thick walls. It has no port cover by design. Barrel is a Pac-Nor 26" 1/8 twist. Lower has been modified to bolt hold open on each shot so after firing you just drop next round in and hit the bolt release. Tubular handguard was extended for the extra barrel length. Scope is an early IOR Valdada 6-24x50 with 30mm tube. Has always been very dependable and tracks fine. It has the MP-8 reticle with crosshair center not the dot. Round count is probably 3-400. Accuracy is excellent with 80 and 90gr Sierras. Asking $1000 shipped CONUS. No trades

10-10-2012, 2:42 PM
Forgot to mention this has a left port.