View Full Version : Pre Ban 50 rd double stack magazine question

07-17-2012, 1:08 PM
For arguments sake, let's assume Joe owns a pre ban ruger 10-22 rifle with a double stack 50 rd mag. The rifle is stolen, never to be seen again. Is it legal for him to buy a post ban Ruger 10-22 and use the old mag with it?

07-17-2012, 1:11 PM

07-17-2012, 1:12 PM
Why wouldn't it be?

Big Ben
07-17-2012, 1:22 PM
Absolutely. The magazine is legally possessed. It can be used in any weapon that it fits/functions with.

07-17-2012, 1:25 PM
It came up in a "gun store discussion" The gun store owner wasn't sure it was legal.
I know.....gun store owners are not a good source for gun laws.

07-17-2012, 2:14 PM
Asked and answered. See also the Magazine Q's link, below.