View Full Version : SOTA .300blk upper range review

07-15-2012, 1:35 PM
First off....the reports of poor communication when you order these things is true. My upper showed up unexpectedly about two weeks after ordering. No Shipping email. It appeared well made but I'm no expert. Finally took it to the outdoor range today. Used only the "cheap" Remington 110gr. Pmags fed and performe flawlessly. Of my 4 lancer mags one of them was a disaster. The other three no problems so I think it's te mag not the upper. I didn't bring a 556 upper to test it out. 100 yds standing (no bipod/rest etc) got 5-6 in grouping which is prolly as good as I am capable of. I'm excited to shoot it with a bipod and some subsonics! I didn't take pix but attached is the a pix of the upper when I got it.