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06-27-2012, 2:24 PM
New Group Buy Open Until 7/9/2012
We will be limiting the total number of orders in order to keep all shipments to the timeframe below. The buy will close early if we reach the max before 7/9.

300 Winchester Magnum 190 grain OTM (Sierra Matchking)
This load mimics MK248 mod 0 / A191 , and is safe to fire in commercial rifles, as it is loaded within SAAMI pressure limits.
This round is loaded in Privi brass with the Sierra 190 grain MatchKing and Hodgdon H-1000 extreme powder for unbeatable accuracy in all climates.

200 rounds in 20 round boxes
$1.40 per round: $280 for 200 rounds
$12 flat rate UPS ground shipping is included with your purchase
Total: $292 shipped

Billing will take place when the order is placed. This group buy is an opportunity for us to buy components in very large quantities and pass the savings to our customers. In order to do this we must collect payment so we can pay the vendors up front for the components.

6/26-7/06: Orders will be taken, and we will order the supplies and components from our vendors.
7/06-7/15:Shipment of components to our manufacturing facility.
7/15-7/31:Manufacture of the of the ammunition, as well as range and proof testing.
7/31-8/10: Shipping of loaded ammo to customers, in the same order they were received

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