View Full Version : CBS affiliate won't run Bloomberg's anti-gun add

04-30-2007, 6:48 PM
From NSSF Website:

CBS AFFILIATE REFUSES TO AIR BLOOMBERG AD . . . New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun crusade featuring paid television advertisements that call for repeal of the Tiahrt Amendment (legislation restricting public access to firearms tracing data) took a hit last week when a Wichita, Kan., CBS affiliate refused to air the anti-gun message. The station's director of programming, Laverne E. Goering, said, "This is issue advertising, where the station is responsible for the truth or fairness of the ad, unlike political advertising, where the politicians can pretty much say what they want." The ad buy is part of a campaign launched by Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition.

Nice to see that some media will not air something just because it has political backing.

I just called Laverne Goering's office and thanked him.

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