View Full Version : Redesigning my Parts Kit Locator website. feedback needed

03-24-2012, 12:03 PM
hey guys awhile back i posted a thread letting you know about a website i built to help locate parts kits that various different sites sell. i just wanted to let you all know who still use it i am redesigning the site and would like to know you thoughts on the new look. it is not fully functional yet but there should be enough for you to play around with and tell me if im headed in the right direction compared to the old site.

ill post a link to the old site that is fully operational and the temporary link to the redesigned site. once its finished it will replace the old one completely.

Only the home page and parts kit page are up and running but apex under the parts kit section is the only site set up right now but it should give you a good feel for what the other pages will look like.

so if you have the time please let me know if you like it better than the old site, if it seems more user friendly and possibly any ideas you may have.

also im adding a tutorial section and gallery so if anyone have a build tut they would be wiling to give me permission to post ill add it with full credit to you. same goes with the photos i will soon have a file upload are where you can upload pics of your builds and once there approved they will be displayed for people to admire.

thank for taking the time to help out

ORIGIONAL SITE: www.classifiedweapons.com

NEW SITE: www.classifiedweapons.com/CWTEST/

03-24-2012, 9:50 PM
I like this spider of yours.
Thanks for doing this.