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09-13-2011, 6:25 PM
hey everyone.
so iv found myself having some free time lately so i thought i would resurrect my old business venture

as this business i do gun building, repair, smithing, sighting, and cleaning services.

i can tackle many things that are firearms related
so if you have anything that you would like done just let me know.

just alittle background on me
i have worked on and assembled many rifles including ak's. my latest work has been building ar15s and ar10s at a local military contracted manufacturer. i have smithed over many rifles.

new info: i have a buddy who is also a gun smith and also has done it for many years. i was talking with him and he has mentioned that he is also willing to help out with this service. he currently works as the gunsmith at discount firearms on morana blvd and has worked at fine firearms before. but because he has a good setup at his shop im now confident to say we could tackle almost anything!

i love working on guns.
just so you are aware i will be doing most of the work at a local ffl because they are set up as a machine shop aswell.

location: i do travel between greater Los Angles and San Diego, but prefer to keep it local here in sd.

contact: easiest way as of now it to pm me. we can then see what youd like and work something out.

thanks! hope you all like this
ps ill be posting some pics of my work short

09-14-2011, 1:48 PM
to the top.
also thinking about doing a buying service where you let me know what you want and if i find a good deal ill let you know or buy it for you.

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well have been getting alot of positive remarks/ interest.

happy bump

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