View Full Version : Sanity check my first .223 round...pls!

07-21-2011, 11:28 PM
Ok....aftrer reading the Hornady manual, then re-reading certain parts and finding any good info off the internet (reputable reloading sites)..I have put togehter my first rounds for my Tikka .223 (1-8 twist with 20" barrel) bolt rifle.

I have LC case trimmed case to 1.750 (CCI primer), with 19.3gr of H4895 (Vel:2200), with a 75gr A-Max. Seated it's at COL of 2.302 (no crimp). This is the lowest load and I will work up from here. I put together a dummy round (first, before the live) to the COL of 2.302 and it cycled with no issues.

The thing I'm not clear on, the Hornady book states the 75gr A Max can NOT be loaded to magazine length (the 75gr BTHP can). It appears the book is stating that the 75gr A Max is COL 2.390, which is the max that this can be loaded? Can this not be loaded to magazine length, due to the fact it would be seated too far and would cause excess pressure?

Will my COL of 2.302 be ok or is it seated too far?

On a side note, it was really a great feeling putting these together...I just don't wanna shoot my eye out :D

07-22-2011, 10:14 AM
I thought to give Hornady CS a try, not thinking I'd get live technical help...I was wrong! Was on hold for 30 secs until a gentlemen picked up, so I presented my question to him. His answer-

They tested to the COL of 2.390, which will accomodate Hornady's max rec load, due to the bullet size (the 75 A Max is long). Since I am running 19.3gr of H4895, the bullet is not touching the powder. The accuracy at COL 2.302 may not be there (without knowing my throat measurements\etc, which he did ask if I knew\had...I do not)

Bottom line is, I need to get measurements....but, the COL of 2.302 that I loaded should not be an issue. I do need to seat them out farther for the next round.