View Full Version : Gun shop in San Jose area that stocks bulk?

Cen Cal Gunner
07-14-2011, 8:01 PM
Im trying to go shooting this weekend and im trying to find a shop that sells .223/5.56 in buld looking to buy 500 rounds or so to late to order online.Can anyone recomend a shop or store, would I be better of jus going to Big 5 and getting a couple 50 round boxes while I order online. Any recomendations greatly appreciated in the San Jose area but willing to take a drive, Thanks

07-14-2011, 8:14 PM

Bay Area Gun Vault sometimes has unopened cases of stuff like Winchester 5.56 (Q3131).

07-14-2011, 8:16 PM
US firearms down the street from gun vault has 1000 rounds of 5.56. They are like 300 or something like that.

07-14-2011, 8:23 PM
Reed's in Santa Clara usually has cases of .223. I have no idea what their status is right now. Generally you can get much better prices online than any local store.

07-14-2011, 9:11 PM
I'd say Walmart in Milpitas, Mountain View or Gilroy.

07-14-2011, 10:06 PM
Wal-Mart in Milpitas has a huge selection. If you don't see it in the glass lock-up then they have it in the back room area. Best time to buy is before 1pm. Good luck finding an employee to help you after that.

07-15-2011, 8:12 PM
Call san jose gun exchange.