View Full Version : Ready to load question (.223)

06-27-2011, 8:16 PM
all my 223 brass had been resized, chamfer, deprimed and tumbled. Do I need to brush off all the inside of my brass before loading with powder, install primer and bullet? I used a fine walnut to tumble my case. Just not sure if I need to brush the inside off to make sure or I don't have to. Thanks in advance.

06-27-2011, 8:26 PM
No, You're ready to go. Just make sure the primer hole is clear if you tumbled after depriming.

06-27-2011, 8:49 PM
@WileyWilly- thanks bro

06-27-2011, 8:52 PM
Just make sure there are no stuck pieces of media in the flash holes. Also check for crimps on the primer pockets.

Other than that you are good to go!

06-27-2011, 11:56 PM
What kind of setup and dies are you using?

06-28-2011, 9:24 PM
Check to see if it needs to be trimmed