View Full Version : Aimpoint PRO on a FAL

03-04-2011, 3:53 PM
ast year I moved an Aimpoint H-1 over onto my FAL. Really liked having the RDS on the rifle. Very fast. Very easy to use.

That said, I have a M4S on my M4gery. I like the wider optic of the M4S vs the H-1. On top of that, on the FAL co-witness is not an option and the mount I used was not a quick disconnect. In the off chance it went tits up, I'd have to fight it to use irons.

A few weeks back, Aimpoint announced the PRO model and it caught my eye. The QD mount on the M4, what appears to be an M2 body, with M3 specs, and a 2MOA dot. Interesting. Nice price point too. $400.

I bit the bullet and the sight arrived today. A little higher then my H-1, but it's still very comfortable to settle behind and it gives me a lot of vision around me. I'm not buried behind the irons.

Hope to get some range time soon. Lacrosse season just started and my weekends are pretty much full of games to officiate.


03-04-2011, 4:20 PM
Looks like a great setup! If you don't mind me asking, where did you get it for 400? Was thinking about putting one my scar 16.

03-04-2011, 4:25 PM
Sorry. That should be $410. Delivered. Got it from Palmetto State Armory. SKD Tac has them in stock again as does G&R. You may have to call. I get the feeling folks are pulling ads after Aimpoint decided to limit availability.

I could have save a few bucks to Botach, but after their shipping and tax and headache, it's not worth it to me.