View Full Version : One of my favorites....Enfield

50 Freak
05-10-2006, 2:31 AM

Ran across this old picture of one of my favorite rifles. My Enfield No4 Mk2.

I got her about 8 years ago. She was still in virgin in her mummy wrap. Took me a full day to get all the cosmo off of her. I've added a repro check piece (like the staining I did?...can hardly tell it's not original huh). Then added a CAD-TEKNIK detachable scope mount and here she is. In her glory.

I've got her sister siting in the safe in mummy wrap. Am passing that down to my son (that part, I'm still working on:D )

05-10-2006, 9:10 AM
What a beaut! Enfields are quite the rifle!

05-10-2006, 5:36 PM
Beautiful No4.