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08-25-2010, 8:38 PM
I just came back from a bachelor party in Las Vegas and we shot guns for the first time. I got my hands on a 1911 and I fell in love. I don't remember which manufacturer it was. I went to Turners today to look and get a feel for other guns but nothing felt quite as right as the 1911.

I was looking at a Armscor for about $570 and a Kimber for about $799. There's also a couple of Rock Islands on their ad online for under $500.

Or should I just wait for the next local gunshow.

I'm not sure which one to get. Help!

08-25-2010, 9:38 PM
Do a little research and reading on this site and 1911forum (http://forums.1911forum.com/index.php). Figure out what features you want on the 1911 (beavertail or no beavertail, what type of sights, etc.) and then search on http://www.gunbroker.com/ and Bud's Gun Shop (http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/index.php) for a good ballpark price.

ETA: Since it sounds like this will be your first firearms purchase, I would also recommend reading through and understanding laws pertaining to California firearms purchases. Here is a good place to start: http://wiki.calgunsfoundation.org/index.php/Buying_and_selling_firearms_in_California

08-26-2010, 12:38 AM
lots of good stuff on the 1911 here on Calguns; check out our discussions with your "search" function. go to the handguns section and explore.

good luck and welcome to the forum.

08-26-2010, 1:04 AM
I recommend a minimum of a Springfield Armory Mil-Spec. Great gun for the price. If you've got more to spend go for the Loaded Model. Even more to spend... Dan Wesson Pointman 7. Rolling in the dough... Ed Brown, Nighthawk, Wilson Combat, Springfield Professional, Les Baer in that order.
If you are not exactly sure what you want and would like to try different configurations a Mil-Spec is an excellent way to start. It can easily be transformed into what you want once you know what you want.
Some things to consider:
Do you want or need a Match Grade barrel?
Do you want or need night sights?
Do you want a nice sloped beavertail or original style?
Arched or flat mainspring housing?
Solid or skeletonized trigger?
Solid or skeletonized Hammer?
Lowered/Flared ejection port or standard?
Extended magazine release?
Extended slide stop lever?
Extended magwell?
Ambidextrious safety?
Do you want or need a rail?

I personally like an arched mainspring housing, night sights, match grade barrel, skeletonized hammer and trigger, and a nice beavertail safety. My current favorite is my Dan Wesson Bobtail Commander(CBOB) but some folks don't like the bobtail cut frame. It's great for carry!