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VytamenC Tactical
07-24-2010, 11:27 PM
im looking for barrel blanks. i can get a blank lothar for $220. now is what im looking for is to buy them from a manufacture. so unless all these barrel builders are manufacturing, where do i go to get a barrel blank

HUTCH 7.62
07-24-2010, 11:29 PM
Gary Schneider in Payson Arizona

07-26-2010, 3:16 PM
Are you looking for cheap barrels blanks, or quality barrel blanks?

Barrels are not like AR receivers where a couple forging houses make all the forgings and a couple machine shops machine them for everyone.
Each barrel maker drills their own hole and rifles it.

The barrel makers are generally making the blanks themselves from bars of steel.
Lothar Walthar's blanks are made by Lothar Walthar in Germany.
You can buy a shilen or douglas made here in the USA for around $160 dealer cost.

Now, most AR "manufacturers" are buying their barrels from someone else like Wilson or Shaw, because AR manufacturers are usually not barrel manufacturers.
If you are buying hundreds at a time, you can get finish machined barrels for $50 a piece, already profiled, threaded and chambered.

The big gun companies like Remington, FN and Savage make their own barrel blanks in-house because they can do it for about $30 a unit.

There's a huge difference in quality between a $30 finished barrel and a $220 barrel blank though.

07-26-2010, 3:19 PM
Google "Rifle barrel makers"

07-26-2010, 3:21 PM
I'm not in the barrel bussiness but, I can think of about a dozen different barrel makers off the top of my head without including the big name firearms manufactures who make their own tubes.