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06-28-2010, 9:02 PM
You Go Alan..Give em' hell!!!!!:D



McDonald v. Chicago: An Exclusive Interview

Posted June 28th, 2010 at 2:45pm

After helping to strike down the Chicago handgun ban, the winners in today’s Supreme Court decision promised, in an exclusive interview with the Heritage Foundation, that more such cases would be coming in the next few weeks. Alan Gura, lead attorney for the plaintiffs, promised, “There will be future cases, I will be bringing cases in the days and weeks to come.” When asked about the decisions impact, he said, “We will see laws that serve no useful purpose other than to annoy gun owners struck down and others that are actually critically necessary for public safety upheld.”

This morning, the Court sided with Gura and his client, 76 year old Otis McDonald. Otis had pursued the lawsuit after feeling that the city’s ban left him defenseless. In our interview, Gura, McDonald and Second Amendment Foundation founder Alan Gottlieb shared their thoughts on the freshly minted decision and explained the impact it will have on Chicago and the rest of the country. Earlier this year, after the case was argued before the Court, Gura and Gottlieb sat down for an interview describing their strategy and hopes for the Court’s decision. Much of their prediction came true in today’s victory.

06-28-2010, 9:09 PM
That's a good start!!!

06-28-2010, 9:14 PM
Ah, a reasonable gun law I agree with:

Alan G - "this decision is not going to allow violent felons to have guns in jail"

That is classic! :D

and great job Otis!!! :patriot:

06-28-2010, 9:34 PM
Alan needs to come to the PRK and set us free!!! :79:

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Alan needs to come to the PRK and set us free!!! :79:

That would be cool, but we have Hoffman and his crew and I have a feeling they are going to kick arse and take names.

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psst...(Alan is already here (http://www.hoffmang.com/firearms/sykes/Sykes-v-McGinness-Complaint-2009-05-09.pdf) and here (http://www.hoffmang.com/firearms/pena/Pena-v-Cid-complaint.pdf);)) He is joined by Don Kilmer and Jason Davis!