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06-28-2010, 9:17 AM
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The New York Times
Mon, June 28, 2010 -- 10:29 AM ET

Justices Rule That 2nd Amendment Also Governs State and Local Gun Laws

The Supreme Court ruled, 5-4, that the Second Amendment,
which forbids Congress from infringing the right to keep and
bear arms, applies to state and local governments as well.
The case, McDonald v. Chicago, No. 08-1521, involved a
challenge to the City of Chicago's gun control law, regarded
as among the strictest in the nation. The justices did not
strike down the Chicago law directly, but remanded the case
to a lower court for review, where it appeared likely to be
struck down under today's decision.

I don't care if you are pro-gun or anti-gun, but this was an important ruling from the Supreme Court that had nothing to do about guns. It was all out the nature of coverage of the Bill of Rights. All levels of government are restricted by the Bill of Rights from limiting some of our key liberties. This is a civil rights victory, not just a "pro-guns" victory.