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07-27-2009, 10:20 AM
Someone do me a favor and buy this so I dont have to sell my only AR... Alright, heres the specs. Let me start out by saying its not pretty and needs a bit of SMALL work done to it. Camoflauge paint, the fenders were cut so they wouldnt rub on tires. 3 or 4 inch lift kit with decent 33 inch mud terrains. Tires do have some life left on them, i would run them for another season. Truck comes with a cross over steering kit that puts the steering up above the axle etc. It also helps with bump steer but the truck drives fine as it is. Cross over kit was 300 dollars. The body and frame have around 300000 miles with a rebuilt LC engineering engine and header. Single cab with decent interior, newer boat carpeting so its kinda water resistant etc. The back of the truck is dynomatted by previous owner and wired for subs. Has cheesy typical toyota roll bar and tube fenders. Open diffs and im pretty sure stock gears but but truck does great off road. It was my daily driver until i got my dodge cummins. I drove it to work and school everyday, to Santa Rosa to SAnta Cruz about 15 times and to Lake PIllsbury twice, it has been very reliable. Recently replaced alternator and battery. Here is what it needs... new catalytic converter. It did not pass smog because the old one is SHOT, it passed smog last time no problem. Needs a new bulb in the back turn signal and the lense has a crack in it. The windshield wiper motor is bound up, I know its bound, i can feel the motor get hot. There is a seal in the rear end that is leaking. It looses brake fluid because of it, so i just got used to bleeding the brakes about once a month. I am sick of working on this truck and just need it gone. Anyone who is decently mechanicly inclined could have everything fixed in a day. I am selling the truck and steering kit together for 1500 dollars. Thats a 1200 dollar truck with the 300 dollar kit. IF you are looking at this truck you probably know these are the sought after year, with the fuel injection and the solid axle. here are a couple pics.

my phone is 707 321 2294
1500 dollars, MAYBE 1000 and a gun, idk if I am into trades right now or not.
thank you!

07-27-2009, 12:15 PM