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Peter W Bush
07-01-2009, 1:26 AM
Bertha is for sale. Shes 4 cars in one. The front half is a 1976 Dodge van. Bed is from a 1996(?) Chevy Silverado 2500 dually. Has airbag suspension, new engine, new interior, new paint, new tires. Great condition. Runs like a dream. There is over $20,000 invested in this truck. Im getting what I can out of it to pay for a 4x4 truck. WeatherGuard is not included.

Asking price is $6995 NOW $5999


Make me an offer
Location: Sherman Oaks

Peter W Bush
07-02-2009, 11:59 AM

07-02-2009, 12:01 PM

Peter W Bush
07-07-2009, 12:18 PM

07-07-2009, 12:32 PM
Where are you located?

07-07-2009, 2:53 PM
i think i just trew up a little in my mouth:eek:

diametrik 7
07-07-2009, 11:29 PM

Ain't America Grand ?:popcorn::popcorn:

Peter W Bush
07-08-2009, 12:24 AM
i think i just trew up a little in my mouth:eek:

youre obviously jealous.

Shes in sherman oaks

07-08-2009, 12:29 AM
does the van have to be smogged?

07-08-2009, 7:11 AM
That is just too cool, I like it.:cool2:

Peter W Bush
07-09-2009, 12:05 AM
No, never had to get it smogged.

Peter W Bush
07-22-2009, 6:41 PM

doesnt need smog

07-22-2009, 8:52 PM
That thing is awesome!

Photos of interior too please. :)


318 or 360?

07-22-2009, 9:07 PM
did you pick this up in valencia? I don't know how many of these there could be and I saw this for sale in valencia for $13,000 about a year ago ... is there anything wrong with it?

Peter W Bush
07-27-2009, 6:26 PM
BTT. You KNOW you need this....

And NO there is nothing wrong with it I just dont have time to drive it around.

Peter W Bush
07-30-2009, 11:01 AM

Peter W Bush
08-04-2009, 4:14 PM

Peter W Bush
11-02-2009, 1:17 PM

12-01-2009, 10:53 AM
is this thing still for sale?

12-01-2009, 11:52 AM
That's a true one-of-a-kind!

Peter W Bush
01-12-2010, 8:49 PM
Still for sale. BUMP

02-21-2010, 8:11 PM
What engine does it have?

Photos of interior?

Peter W Bush
02-21-2010, 8:20 PM
Dodge 351. The interior is brand new and 100% custom. I will take some pics and post them in the thread.

Peter W Bush
03-17-2010, 4:59 PM
BTT with price drop

Neil McCauley
03-17-2010, 5:48 PM
lol dang....thats cool man, I don't know if I could drive that around but I bet my dad would love it. GL on the sale bro.

Peter W Bush
03-17-2010, 5:50 PM
Drive it to Drais, youll get in for sure.

Neil McCauley
03-17-2010, 5:59 PM
Drive it to Drais, youll get in for sure.

I think that would get me into La Zona Rosa on Ceasear Chavez and Mission :D

Peter W Bush
03-23-2010, 6:23 PM

Peter W Bush
03-31-2010, 6:10 PM
BTT. All of you want this deep down inside.

03-31-2010, 7:30 PM
Shag carpet?

I love oldschool vans.

04-04-2010, 5:13 PM
Would love to see the inside. What transmission is the truck equipped with, and what rear end gears.