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01-26-2009, 10:15 AM
I have three rifles and no optics. I would like to get an optic that would work on all, but ideally I would like to get an optic to share between the 30-30 and .22 and get an optic for the AR-15 223 on its own.

1) Remington 550-I .22 - used for plinking and would like to use for Appleseed shoot, has 1 optics screw and a groove on top of rifle. Made in 1950. shoots consistently 8" high and 8" to the right at 25 yards with the rer sight wedge at the bottom notch. Seems like the only solution is to get a scope to compensate or throw it in the safe as a relic.

2) Marlin 30-30 lever action - new gun, would love to use to hunt one day, but for now its used for plinking/target practice.

3) AR-15 - target practice/ plinking

So in theory, I could get one optic -- it just depends on the rail/rings that you get to accommodate to the rifle? I would like to get an optic to share between 1 & 2, and get another one for #3.

First on the list would be an optic for 1 & 2, any suggestions? I was looking at a Leupold 3-9x40 for the 30-30, would this work on my 22 as well? For the AR, I was looking at a red dot maybe, however I really like the iron sights and would like to continue to practice with them. I shot 2 connected holes in three shots at 25 yards and I liked it 'as is' so far with the irons.

Please advise

01-27-2009, 4:01 PM
The real pain in swapping scopes between guns is re-zeroing, and making sure the rings line up on all the guns. Having Picatinny spec rails helps immensely here.

If you can put a Picatinny style mount (or Weaver with identical slot spacing on both mounts) on the first two, a Leupold 3-9x40 with QR rings would work fine on both guns. Leupold QRW, Warne Maxima QD, any decent quality QR rings would let you swap the scope quickly. This would also work on the AR if you had an extended rail/riser that would get your scope centerline up to 1.4".

You'd have to zero for each gun, figure out what the offset was from one to the other, and make notes on it, but once you did that, you'd be able to move it and make the adjustments to get pretty close.

If you couldn't put similar mounts, you'd be out of luck, as swapping would require loosening the rings on the scope and putting them into new positions, and your zero repeatability would be much more difficult.

I love the idea of swapping optics around and do it often, but it's tricky enough going between modern guns with similar rails. My non-Picatinny guns tend to get a scope or red dot that just stays in place.

01-28-2009, 8:36 AM
thanks maxicon