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10-22-2017, 8:46 AM
GLOCK 43 in 9mm Luger caliber for all-cash sale (NO trades): factory Olive-Drab (O.D.; military green) lower. Never fired in factory carry case.
Stealthy & lightweight > optimal for either legal carry or as a back-up -- she shall be your trusted pardner 24x7! Period! $: >>> 910.00 <<<

GLOCK 34 Gen 4 M.O.S. in 9mm Luger for all-cash sale (NO trades): factory Olive-Drab (O.D.; military green) lower; never fired in factory carry
case. Dubbed "Tactical/Practical," this spectacular pistol with the phenomenal feature of Modular Optics Systems (M.O.S.) is what you need &
want to harvest those trophies at many a competition! $: >>> 1,290.00 <<<

SIG SAUER P320Compact RX in 9mm Luger caliber for all-cash sale (NO trades): factory-fresh in O.E.M. labeled carry case; proprietary Romeo1
R.M.R. (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) pre-installed/calibrated by SIG & is MOTION-ACTIVATED; striker fire with AMAZING short trigger reset (for
REAL!); black stainless steel on black polymer frame; serialized trigger module (distinguished innovation which may have enticed U.S. Army's
contract); taller front sight & rear sight (adjustable for windage & elevation; special tool provided) to compatibly cowitness with Romeo1; Sig-Lites green night sights; ambidextrous slide lock; slide serrated fore & aft; 2 (two) regular-capacity mags; user's books for gun & Romeo1;
battery; cleaning cloth; hex key for Romeo1; CA-compliant lock. You're sure to turn heads with this spectacular SIG SAUER P320Compact RX!
$: >>> 1,640.00 <<<

SIG SAUER P229 Elite in 9mm Luger caliber for all-cash sale (NO trades): full silver stainless steel (slide & frame; very heavy). 2 (two) regular-capacity mags; rosewood grip. Truly one of the few most elegantly appealing compact-sized SIG pistols! $: >>> 1,760.00 <<<
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Where: >>> SOUTH CA <<< Thank you for stating YOUR LOCATION when inquiring. Seller in Orange county

Price: Please view respective item(s). All cash, NO trades. NOT receptive/appreciative of, nor responsive to, low ballers

Ship (Y/N): NO. ONLY Face>Face at bonafide firearm dealer's facility

Notes: Buy with ample/total confidence! ONLY SERIOUS/SINCERE to inquire. Your text number or email address entitles you to (extra) pics.
Actual item(s) depicted/described/pictured in post. NO disappointments! NO RETURN/refund/adjustments. Buyer to pay P.P.T. fee. For P.P.T.,
bring VALID CA ID + Firearms' Safety Card & secondary proof of physical address to match 1 of I.D. -- please ascertain accuracy of all cre-
dentials. If you're prohibited, then it shall be to YOUR advantage & peace of mind to deviate your interest. 9mm Luger caliber is 9x19mm or
9mm Parabellum. "S.P.F." to denote "Sold Pending Funds." Website to help assess gun's legality: www.HotGunz.com

10-25-2017, 7:16 AM