View Full Version : Bushnell 730132P 1x32 red dot

11-17-2008, 9:35 AM
I don't know if anyone else has posted this. The Bushnell Trophy 73-0132P is a red dot sight that many describe as an ACOG wannabe but very capable for the price. It is said to be durable and does an excellent job of holding zero though it certainly is not a trijicon. There's a big thread on ar-15.com about this thing and many have posted pictures.


Anyway... to make an already long story short... us po folks have to make do with less desired equipment sometimes, it might as well be something pretty good. Most places sell these between 150 and 180 dollars... ebay has a listing from Optics Planet for some factory demos and if you look, a bunch of people have already bought. I gave a best offer and won mine... I won't give you the price but lets just say i saved the cost of shipping. It was accepted instantly so there may be more room to play.