View Full Version : SOLD- Warn Tabor 9K winch for .45ACP - North County San Diego

01-30-2017, 3:26 PM
SOLD - please delete

Warn Tabor 9K winch. Warn's old value-series of winch before it came out with the new VR series it's currently selling. Has 9,000 pound capacity, 100 feet of cable, 12-foot Warn remote, battery leads, and your choice of hawse fairlead (shown) or roller fairlead.

I ran this on my little YJ for about 8 years. Works perfectly. No kinks in winch line. Ready to bolt to your winch mount and go.

Sold for $650 new, used price value, $350. Want to trade for 1,000 rounds of brass-case 230gr .45 ACP. Name-brand, no reloads. S&B, Winchester, Federal, Magtech, etc. Can be small primer if that's what you have - I don't reload .45. Would also consider fmj 38 Spl, 9MM, 45 Colt, 44Mag, or 357 Mag of comparable value.

Face-to-face in Escondido, San Marcos, north county San Diego.

http://i225.photobucket.com/albums/dd176/chinhazel/21fab7b7a6a8a57aea87fbad628285eb_zpsucxwlxkn.jpg (http://s225.photobucket.com/user/chinhazel/media/21fab7b7a6a8a57aea87fbad628285eb_zpsucxwlxkn.jpg.h tml)

http://i225.photobucket.com/albums/dd176/chinhazel/4d11bd1322466e517e93e9b9d9d3c3de_zpsvfkoqis4.jpg (http://s225.photobucket.com/user/chinhazel/media/4d11bd1322466e517e93e9b9d9d3c3de_zpsvfkoqis4.jpg.h tml)

http://i225.photobucket.com/albums/dd176/chinhazel/7e6923ae3ab587d068198789b3ac0380_zpsyswq5fno.jpg (http://s225.photobucket.com/user/chinhazel/media/7e6923ae3ab587d068198789b3ac0380_zpsyswq5fno.jpg.h tml)

http://i225.photobucket.com/albums/dd176/chinhazel/4WOP-170300-GENE-01_zpsr0prkwmo.jpg (http://s225.photobucket.com/user/chinhazel/media/4WOP-170300-GENE-01_zpsr0prkwmo.jpg.html)