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10-25-2008, 2:23 PM
This all started while I was looking for a drop bag and found that the ones I wanted all ran for about $50+. I figured I could make one just as strong, just as nice, but fitted to my specific needs for much less. So I went out and after $10 and two hours last night I whipped this up with enough material left over to make several dozen more. Originally going to buy canvas but the wife suggested I try on some scraps first. I got a yard of dark wash denim for $2 where as OD canvas was running about $9 a yard. I thought instead of making a drop bag, might as well try something I could use and opted for a 1911 mag pouch for open carry. It's rough, and uses poor stiching but future models will be better. The idea was to have something that blends with your clothes yet is still out in the open. This was the result:


Here it is with the belt loop through it. I made the loop a little larger than the belt in case I opt for a wider belt down the line, which I probably would to support the weight of a full carry rig.


And finally it mounted, Yes it looks funny because I'm actually not wearing the jeans. I slipped them on (didn't even button them), put the belt through two loops and was holding it tight with my opposite hand while trying to take a picture with my weak hand at an angle were I couldn't see the screen. Crappy angle, but the best I could do. Keep in mind also that it's a dark wash pouch with a light wash jeans. Closer matched denim would be the ideal choice, but tey didn't have any in the scrap bin.


This particular denim is light weight with a little stretch so I made it slightly smaller so the mag is held firmly in place. It will NOT come out no matter hard you shake it. Removing the magazine is very easy and it slides out with about as much tension as my Fobus double mag pouch. It's light to the point that I can't feel it with no magazine inserted and it also moves with the body more easily than a stiff pouch. It does take both hands to insert the magazine (at least with ease) but rarely will you need to insert your magazines in as quickly as you need to take them out (It takes maybe 5-10 seconds to put in each mag).

The hopes is to make a stiffer holster. I am thinking of making a holster, wrapping my gun in a plastic bag, inserting it, then rubbing epxoy over the outside to make it stiff. I might also line it with something less marring and possibly add an additional layer outside to give a more uniform look (plus less gloss from the epoxy).

So what do you guys think? Thought I might try and spark the imagination of you guys while I was at it.

Just don't let your little boys see you sewing. :eek:

10-25-2008, 2:28 PM
You can the holster in the link below and you've have a complete ensemble!



10-25-2008, 2:29 PM
thats pretty cool, where's mine. to make it easier to insert a mag in the pouch you could try gluing a piece of plastic on to keep it stiff.