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Two Shots
08-19-2008, 2:24 PM
Another member informed me (Thanks for the heads ups) that the Explorer II (pistol version of AR-7) is not legal to sell in Calif. I have searched Calguns and looked on the DOJ site and found zero. So I'm trying to find some info on wether it's legal, If anything, There should be a law against it for being Ugly.
Any input would be helpful, Such as the part that it is legal for the original registered owner to have it.

08-19-2008, 2:41 PM
The Charter Arms Explorer II is considered an assault weapon under CA law.

If the original owner registered it as an assault weapon before 01-01-2000, then it would be legal for the original owner to still possess it after 01-01-2000. Registered assault weapons can not be sold/transfered in CA, unless it's to a CA 01-FFL dealer with an assault weapons permit.


If the original owner fixed a 10 rounds or less magazine in place, it would be legal to possess. In this configuration, it could be legally sold/transfered in CA.

CA Penal Code 12276.1
(a) Notwithstanding Section 12276, "assault weapon" shall also mean any of the following:
(4) A semiautomatic pistol that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and any one of the following:
(D) The capacity to accept a detachable magazine at some location outside of the pistol grip.

08-19-2008, 5:00 PM
i guess you could convert it to a rifle buy a long barrel and stock you good to go

of course you will have to mod the fron since the index knotch is on the bottom of the pistol and on the top for a rifle

just make sure you never have the short barrel on it in california again

but i'm not a law interpreter