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09-21-2015, 6:07 PM
I am starting to buy components for a precision AR-15 that i'm building in honor of my grandfather who passed earlier this year. Hoping to get some help with a few questions that I have... The lower is an 80% with a matching upper (both raw). For barrel i'm looking at 223 wylde

1. Looking to get it engraved and cerakoted by a couple of local shops here in the north bay. What should be done first, the engraving or the cerakote.

2. Not sure what to get in terms of a barrel. I'm leaning towards 20" over 18" (i've read all the arguments that a 16" is just fine but want longer). These are the barrels i'm looking at. Looking for
-JP super match in 20" (a little more than i'd like to spend but it comes with its enhanced bolt and will have the headspace matched) http://www.jprifles.com/buy.php?item=JPSM223-20M8
-Ranier Arms 18" match http://www.rainierarms.com/rainier-arms-matchtm-223-wylde-barrel-18-spr
- WOA http://www.whiteoakarmament.com/xcart/product.php?productid=17517&cat=311&page=1
or http://www.whiteoakarmament.com/xcart/product.php?productid=17518&cat=312&page=2

3. If i go with a non JPrifle barrel, should i spend the $130 on the jp enhanced bolt and put it in a BCM bolt carrier or should i just go with a BCM bcg

Thanks for the help!

09-21-2015, 6:20 PM
I would think you would engrave first.Depends on the look your after I guess.
If the 80% lower is already machined it brings other legalities into play with engraving and cerakoting.

You will not be disapointed with White Oak(get at least a 20")

09-21-2015, 6:33 PM
• Engrave first
• Buy the White Oak or if you want something special buy this (http://www.compasslake.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=4_30&products_id=148) in a 1:7.7, it is the classic old school accuracy barrel. It is practically perfect in every way. Get it in a Wylde or a CLE, the CLE is a bit more finicky but can be better on brass and run lighter weight bullets with less jump. Have Frank or White Oak supply you with a matched bolt.
• Get a carry handle with National Match sights from Frank or White Oak while you are there.

09-21-2015, 6:43 PM
I think your over thinking barrel length. I've shot all manner of ar15s and m16s and they are as precision as most people can shoot... I would build what you like and remember there's a lot of overpriced parts out there

09-21-2015, 7:19 PM
Buy a 18" WOA SPR barrel from Brownells and build from their. I have one and love it!

09-21-2015, 7:51 PM
Buy a 18" WOA SPR barrel from Brownells and build from their. I have one and love it!

what kind of bolt and bolt carrier are you using with it?

09-21-2015, 8:37 PM
what kind of bolt and bolt carrier are you using with it?

AIM surplus setup. AIM AR/M16 .223/5.56 Nitride 9310 MPI Bolt Carrier Group

http://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?item=XAIMBCGN3BDG&name=AIM+AR%2fM16+.223%2f5.56+Nitride+9310+MPI+Bol t+Carrier+Group&groupid=723

09-21-2015, 8:41 PM
http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y230/adam5432002/For%20Sale/IMG_1413_zpsauzbiwmt.jpg (http://s6.photobucket.com/user/adam5432002/media/For%20Sale/IMG_1413_zpsauzbiwmt.jpg.html)

Im building another setup:
Black Hole Weaponry barrel 18" Rifle gas barrel (picked it up in trade, doing a major lightening to it)
Either a Adjustable gas block or fixed not sure yet
13" Troy Alpha Rail
Aero M4 upper
Silencer Co Trifecta brake

Both wear SS 3-15x with ADM QD mounts, POF triggers with Anti Walk PINS.

09-22-2015, 7:43 AM
As long as a carrier is in spec I can't see how it would affect accuracy. I like how automatic carriers cycle with heavier loads but that's mostly anecdotal evidence. Set the tenon bore to a thermal fit once you have the barrel and make sure the receiver face is dead nuts square and I think you'll have all you can reasonably get with an AR. If you want something really special and you don't have other Wylde rifles then do consider the CLE, I wouldn't run a CLE if I was reloading and had other ARs chambered in 223 Wylde.

09-22-2015, 4:00 PM
I have the WOA Wylde in 16" and love it!! Prints clover leaves all day. Last timw out we were shooting gold balls @ 200 and making them dance like in Quigley Down Under and the bucket scene !


Mine certainly told me with ammo it liked and didn't, Hornady 77 match is the best. Surprising ( to me anyway) it did not like the SMK- go figure. I agree with the above poster that you may be over thinking the barrel length.


http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k256/ratled/SKS/th_P1010551_zpscb377209.jpg (http://s90.photobucket.com/user/ratled/media/SKS/P1010551_zpscb377209.jpg.html)

http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k256/ratled/SKS/th_P1010586_zps538f7b1a.jpg (http://s90.photobucket.com/user/ratled/media/SKS/P1010586_zps538f7b1a.jpg.html)

Guardian Mode
09-22-2015, 9:10 PM
My condolences.
I say go 20" JP
Normally I'm a cheap ***, but if that's an option, I say go for it. The best accuracy is gonna come from a quality barrel with a matching bolt. 20" is gonna get you a little more velocity, which helps punch thru the wind better, which gets you on target. The wind is always your enemy....esp with 223.
Also, bonus....20" barrel with 1:8 twist should be able to launch 55fmj's just fast enough to defeat level III body armor.
Good to know if that sort of SHTF situation ever comes up. :)

09-22-2015, 9:25 PM
Had a Rock River 20" that shot great but it was heavy to walk with. Built a JP 18" and it is great. I highly recommend JP. I built a BCM 20" at the same time. The BCM was a bit lighter but does not shoot near as good as the JP. You will be well served using their product.