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  3. Sample Candidate Questionnaire
  4. illegal voters
  5. vote out every incumbent regardless of party
  6. Jim Costa 16th congressional district
  7. Travis Allen for Governor
  8. Drain The California Swamp
  9. Who are the viable gun friendly gubernatorial Candidates for CA?
  10. The rise of the "Other" party.
  11. Is there anyone recruiting Candidates?
  12. Let them HAVE California. Establish Jefferson
  13. Bob Lindsey LA Sheriff
  14. CA voter demographics!
  15. Travis Allen leads John Cox in tea party straw poll after first GOP debate in Califor
  16. Questionnaires sent to Gov candidates
  17. Forget the State of Jefferson, I want the “New California”
  18. Nevermind
  19. Let's get rid of Feinstein for 2018!
  20. ‘We will prosecute’ employers who help immigration sweeps, California AG says
  21. Stasyi Barth For Governor 2018
  22. Endorse Bob Lindsey for LA County Sheriff?
  23. Do any of you know who the Republican Party Chair is in CA?
  24. Villaraigosa next governor???
  25. CALGUNS: Let's Get Bob Lindsey voted in for LA Co Sheriff
  26. Alex Villanueva for LA County Sheriff
  27. 45th District, State Assembly
  28. Kevin Leon (AMA) Ask Me Anything. THURSDAY, 3/15
  29. Solano County Sheriff Candidate Marshall
  30. Supermajority taxation election dates, April 3 and June 5
  31. Vote Chad Bianco for Riverside Sheriff
  32. Stanislaus County Sheriff 2018
  33. Santa Barbara County Sheriff
  34. NRA Member, AR 15 Owner, 48th District
  35. Kern County Sheriff election 2018
  36. Voting demographics - still any point to voting?
  37. Newsom: No need for a 12 step program
  38. James Bradley for Senate
  39. Newsom - Purveyor of "Partially" False Information
  40. April 19 LA Sheriff's race forum in W. Hollywood. Anyone go? If so, how'd it go???
  41. Does Newsom Fear Villaraigosa, Allen, or Cox?
  42. CRPA Voter Guide
  43. Time for Swalwell to go
  44. CA Governor, Allen or Cox?
  45. SFChron: "Billionaire Soros funding reform-minded District Attorney candidates"
  46. United States Senate Who to Vote for?
  47. Republican Lt. Gov. for Newsom
  48. Judge Steven Bailey for State Attorney General?
  49. Secretary of State
  50. Judge of The Superior Court Office 2 San Bernardino County 2018 Ballot
  51. Web site for judge reviews?
  52. How California Unions are voting - the how not to vote guide
  53. Prop 69, stuck on this one.
  54. Replacement for Newman
  55. Orange County Sheriff and 2A?
  56. Harrington or Barnes for OC Sheriff
  57. Trump Endorses Cox
  58. Which Superintendent of Public Instruction & Assessor to vote for?
  59. George Soros targeting CA to reshape criminal justice system
  60. Are Our Legislators Fit to Hold the Office?
  61. Plz vote for Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones to protect Concealed Carry rights!
  62. Governor's Race Cash on Hand
  63. US Rep for the 43 District - LA's So Bay
  64. Santa Clara County Sheriff
  65. Voting Absentee, Make sure it was counted
  66. 2018 California Election Results
  67. Judicial Positions?
  68. Who in Contra Costa is voting for Paul Graves for District Attorney?
  69. Sounds like Judge Aaron Persky is recalled
  70. Cox Needs Allen's Support Now
  71. 2018 June CA Sheriffs election
  72. Is John Cox even campaigning?
  73. Viawhatever campaining for Newscum
  74. Major Announcement coming from Travis Allen – Tuesday at 10am
  75. Is CRPA going to endorse Cox? If so, when?
  76. Is it time to vote Feinstein?
  77. Obama Endorsements (aka who NOT to vote for)
  78. District 45 Voters - We CAN stop Pelosi
  79. CALL TO ACTION for the upcoming Nov. mid-terms
  80. Props Guide
  81. Gubernatorial Debate plus new ad
  82. CRPA 2018 General State Voter Guide
  83. Some insight into more tactics being used by the left this November
  84. Vote Chad Bianco for Riverside County Sheriff
  85. Is there a go-to site for CA election poll aggregation?
  86. Vote Joshua Scott - Congressional District 32 - Unseat Grace Napolitano
  87. Leon and Feinstein debate
  88. Rackaukas v. Spitzer for DA-Public Admin.?
  89. ATT: Voters
  90. What to do?, 2 Democrats for Senate..
  91. Vote by mail.
  92. Lt Gov - Hernandez or Kounalakis
  93. Judges - Carol Corrigan / Leondra Kruger stance on guns.
  94. Secretary of State 2018: any info on either?
  95. San Diego Judge list from Democrats
  96. Write in list
  97. Bloomberg cash in Calif.
  98. Voted by mail; invited to do an exit survey - results so far
  99. CRPA and NRA Supporting Sniff?
  100. Whither Republicans in CA? Joel Kotkin, City Journal
  101. 2018 midterm elections
  102. VOTE TOMORROW It is more important than you know!
  103. Mt. SAC College District 2 & Bonita USD Board Races
  104. Official 2018 CA Election results from Secretary of State
  105. Ballots not received???
  106. Travis Allen for CA GOP Chair
  107. Does this mean we can finally stop hearing about OC being a conservative bastion?