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  1. GaysWithGuns Welcomes One and All! --- GWG Mission Statement
  2. Wait, what? Someone gave guns to gays?
  3. An open question to my gay brothers here.
  4. Even the Swedish Army thinks so!
  5. I invited the group "Gays Against Guns" to come participate in the forum..
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  7. [Video] Chris Cheng - How To Properly Grip A Semi-Auto Pistol
  8. #shootback posters in W. Hollywood
  9. FASHION with a BANG! - World's FIRST Concealed Weapon Fashion Show.
  10. GAYS with GUNS -------------------------------------------LAX Range Day II - 09/24/17
  11. IS the Gays With Guns forum to be just about GWGs? Or more open to various topics?
  12. LAX Range Day Follow Up! Great Turn out! Awesome and enthusiastic crew!
  13. GAYS with GUNS ------------------------------------------LAX Range Day III - 10/15/17
  14. Introduction to Handgun Safety and Marksmanship
  15. Officer: "Is that a concealed weapon or are you just happy to see us?"
  16. Good going
  17. Re: GWG Print ready: "Intro to Handgun and Safety.pdf"
  18. GAYS with GUNS --------------------------------------------LAX Range Day IV - 1/21/18
  19. [Video] "My Gun Shoots Low-Left"
  20. Fundamentals Friday: Trigger Control - Pulling The Trigger Without Moving The Firearm
  21. Single. Range date?
  22. Carry Choices for Rangemaster Certified Instructors
  23. Good Videos like GAYS & GUNS TRAILER - Maybe more LGBT's will start paying attention
  24. NY Post Article on Gays w/ Guns
  25. Law-abiding people have the universal inalienable
  26. This forum is dumb
  28. I'm glad there is this board.
  29. Everybody needs protection from bad people....