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  2. First! Help me pick out a Bible.
  3. Favorite verses of the Bible
  4. What made you become a believer/non-believer?
  5. Let's start with elementary questions ....
  6. Once Saved Always Saved ....?
  7. Dana Loesch Destroys "Anti-Christian" Democrat "Bigot!"
  8. Does Suicide Bar Christians from Heaven?
  9. Who is your favorite pastor/s on tv?
  10. God
  11. Which Order to Read the Bible?
  12. Church invite thread
  13. Solano County
  14. youngsters and church
  15. Scientology
  16. Good Sacramento Church?
  17. Please sign this petition!
  18. .. And CG'ers ask about adding a Prepper forum
  19. Sidewalk preaching
  20. "The Mark of the Beast" - Could it be the Bismillah?
  21. What religion are the Russians?
  22. Rejection of Sin
  23. Saddleback Church Small Men's Group?
  24. Is Belief in a creator God compatible with evolutionary Naturalism?
  25. The Coming Great Tribulation. The Suffering will be Unimaginable!
  26. Mormon Missionaries
  27. Questions I am asked most often as a minister
  28. Any guesses on biblical dates?
  29. Pray for the Christians in Iraq and Syria
  30. Wake up Christians!
  31. Pastor Arrested for murder
  32. Where in the bible does it say...
  33. Christian Fiction Reading
  34. Pray for the 3 teenagers kidnapped in Israel
  35. Killing Jesus (By Bill O'Reilly)
  36. Ten Commandments - Abolished?
  37. The Theory of Evolution's Achilles' Heel
  38. The Millennium - 1,000 Year Reign of Jesus Christ!
  39. Do Animals Have Souls ?
  40. Please sign the online petition for Miriam
  41. Say a prayer for my dad please
  42. Father In law passed away...prayers needed
  43. Presbyterians and Independence Day
  44. Book of Job
  45. New Creation Museum to Open in Boise...
  46. End TImes 10 Nation Confederacy - European or Arab nations?
  47. Do You Believe You Will See Your Pet In Heaven ?
  48. Rapture believers- pre/mid/post, and why?
  49. God's Omnipotence
  50. Watchtower Questions
  51. What is sin, or a sin?
  52. The Divine Conspiracy
  53. Reincarnacion
  54. The Sign of Jonah is here today!
  55. Jehovah's Witnesses
  56. Prayer Request, and a Thank You
  57. Sozo healing?
  58. Song you want played at your funeral
  59. A nation guided by the Bible
  60. Baptism
  61. Someone close to me had a miscarriage.
  62. Roe from Roe v Wade
  63. Religion
  64. What was your defining moment when you believed?
  65. Cowboy Ten Commandments
  66. Reformed and Reloaded: A podcast of faith and firearms
  67. Does Lucifer have arch demons?
  68. How Many of the Reformed Persuasion Here
  69. Westboro Baptist Church Says It Will Go to Iraq to Protest ISIS
  70. interesting video
  71. Christians: Will the Rapture occur before or after the 7 year tribulation?
  72. Sanctification
  73. Epiphany Moment: Jesus, God, and strength
  74. Lack of Faith
  75. The Bible
  76. Advice/Opinion: Is it ok to fight/argue/sue?
  77. Please support our brothers and sisters.
  78. How I have disrepected God and my church
  79. Prophectic question
  80. "Hyper-Grace" Has Infected Many Congregations - Is Yours One of Them?
  81. Army Sgt.Maj.
  82. Grace, Obedience and Works
  83. Why do people feel the need to be religious?
  84. What is the Gospel, by Michael Horton
  85. Is there preferred seating in Heaven?
  86. Millennium kingdom - have you heard of it?
  87. Times of Difficulty
  88. Jesus Was Crucified Because Disciples Were Armed, Bible Analysis Suggests
  89. Sat Church - Do you go?
  90. Casting crowns concert tickets, tonight 7pm, verizon amp, need to sell.
  91. Many people have forgotten what Christlike means -
  92. Is this a "Jesus only" forum?
  93. Do you believe in God, BUT NOT RELIGION?
  94. L'Shana Tova
  95. Good Movie
  96. one Buddha statue cleans up and unites a small part of Oakland
  97. Party like a Presbyterian
  98. Ancient Chinese People Worshiped Shang Di Before Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism
  99. Second Council of Nicea
  100. new left behind movie
  101. Exodus. Ben Hur. Here come Hollywood Bible Films.
  102. Accuracy of Ibn Ishaq
  103. Bible - Truth or Fiction?
  104. Happy World Communion Day
  105. Scientists Discover That Atheists Might Not Actually Exist
  106. How does Prayer work?
  107. Glossary of Terms
  108. The Fall, Man and Sin
  109. Which televangelist has made the most $
  110. God's Will for Everybody
  111. Another Chrisitan Mom Facing Death!
  112. Benny Hinn
  113. What do you guys think of this?
  114. left behind (2014) movie
  115. god is not a magician
  116. Diserning truth through lies
  117. Happy Reformation Day
  118. Happy All Saints Day!
  119. I think we need a president who is a strong solder for the lord Jesus
  120. Pagan Christians
  121. The historical jesus and The biblical jesus
  122. I should have known: Hollywood !
  123. The Lords name in vain ?
  124. Is it true that the Bible has NO specific prohibitions against pre-marital sex?
  125. Is Your Church Open or Closed Communion
  126. If god leaves you to hell
  127. I got baptized today!
  128. Looking for a Church in my Area
  129. The Doctrine of Hell.
  130. Being Thankful
  131. Why we should love the questions as much as the answers
  132. Happy Advent
  133. Jesus was Married: how does this change things
  134. Dresses like a slut, preaches Jesus Christ.
  135. Daniel's 70 Weeks
  136. Proof of the resurrection of Jesus?
  137. Question about Numbers 8:23-26
  138. Do you consider yourself a Protestant or not?(Non-Catholic)
  139. Happy Hanukkah
  140. Divorce. Everyone is doing it, no big deal!
  141. If God was all knowing
  142. Teach me about Satan
  143. A great night of fellowship and prayer
  144. Former Pastor Lives Without God for a Year
  145. Happy Birthday Jesus
  146. December 25th -Happy Birthday Nimrod?
  147. Opps, sorry
  148. Twelve days of Christmas
  149. Is saying grace necessary at every meal?
  150. The Will. Do you posses Volition or are you Predestined?
  151. Galatians 6:1-10
  152. Amitabha Buddha Day
  153. Scientists Seek Religious Experience -In Subjects' Brains
  154. the third evil
  155. as a religious person, do yo "feel" God?
  156. Prominent Rabbi Calls on Europe to Allow Jews to Carry Guns
  157. "Godless" Kids Turn Out Just Fine
  158. 'Why does God allow children to become prostitutes?'
  159. Best Catholic Church near Pasadena?
  160. Warning to Christians-Some "Mainline Christian Groups" Now Tamper With the Scriptures
  161. Buddhist Hymns
  162. Question on sin
  163. Father Paul's Joke during Homily today.
  164. Hillsong let hope rise
  165. Question about the Bible and Death
  166. happy Bodhi Day!
  167. Overview of Buddhism
  168. Daily Readings
  169. Finally going to Church this morning.
  170. New York chocolate shop sparks a religious debate
  171. Pure Land Buddhism
  172. Happy Fat Tuesday
  173. Should Christians Tithe?
  174. What is Reformation Theology
  175. Situational question.
  176. 2 greats in the church passed away
  179. For those Catholics...
  180. Church in Trouble Because of Confusion Between Law and Grace
  181. [You Can] "Thank Baptists for Religious Liberty"
  182. Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Could Soon Recognize Same-Sex Marriage Read more at http
  183. "A.D. The Bible Continues" Series
  184. Do You Observe Lent?
  185. People who divorce - equal to traitors
  186. Christians die better!
  187. Is there enough evidence to convict you
  188. Who Was "Saint Patrick" and Why Do We Remember Him?
  189. Muslim Judge Tells a Christian How to Preach Out of the Bible About Homosexuality
  190. interesting topic concerning Calvinism. School me...
  191. New Christian music thread...
  192. happy Renunciation Day!
  193. German Wings Co-Pilot
  194. Who are Gods Chosen People?
  195. When does the rapture take place?
  196. Please say a prayer for Joni Mitchel
  197. Would you have the guts??
  198. Good Friday
  199. God's Plan for Israel
  200. Christ has conquered the grave! He is Risen!
  201. He Is Risen
  202. Luke 21:25
  203. Is this guy for real?
  204. Concealed Carry at Christian Worship Service?
  205. Explain Covenant Theology to me
  206. As a Christian, Would You Attend a Gay Wedding?
  207. Modern Day Crusades
  208. As a Buddhist -Is the end result of the Hinyana and Mahayana Paths the Same?
  209. So, Your there with GOD ~ What question have you always wanted to know ?
  210. Matthew 7, Judging Others
  211. Going back to church soon. Looking forward to connecting again / Starting over.
  212. Why no sequel to "The Ten Commandments"(1956)?
  213. Buddhism in North Korea
  214. Christianity on the decline in the US
  215. "God is my husband"
  216. Is faith a reliable way to determine what is true?
  217. We need non-erotic praise music!
  218. Will there be guns in heaven?
  219. Miracles today...
  220. Redemption Bible Church Bakersfield
  221. Who misses Frank Pastore?
  222. Prayers for my nephew and soldiers
  223. Continuationaist or Cessationist?
  224. eBook"Isis and the AntiChrist Mechanism" Free!
  225. Powerful: "We Forgive You".
  226. Helping the Iraqi Christian minority.
  227. Prayer for you on this Father's Day
  228. Why I couldn't be Catholic
  229. Please pray
  230. An Airtight Argument For The Existence of God.
  231. May I please get advice from the Christians in this forum? About an anti-gun argument
  232. come see relics of the Buddha this weekend. (SF Bay Area)
  233. Nephew has a brain injury, prayers working! 8/6/15- update in post #1
  234. Does SCOTUS same-sex decision put your religious freedoms at risk?
  235. Question on Luke 17:34,35
  237. Recommendations for CCW holster for Glock 19
  238. 24 day old grandson is at home!
  239. Checked out a new church today
  240. I yelled at God today!
  241. Historical question re the Destruction of Jerusalem.
  242. Unity
  243. Pagans?
  244. Help Me!
  245. What if God....?
  246. Lutheran v. Presbyterian
  247. The Logos
  248. Those remote cultures who have never heard of Jesus...
  249. War Room
  250. Interesting month