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  1. Ideas for Outreach Events, Campaigns and Initiatives
  2. South Coast Roll Call - Check in Here!
  3. Leadership and Volunteer roles in the South Coast Region
  4. Make Calguns your friend on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
  5. Appleseed Patched Riflemen Roll Call
  6. The Skeet clinic for Southern California. Learn to shoot a shotgun!!
  7. CalGuns Gun Show Booth,Ontario Oct 6th and 7th,2012
  8. Glass Factory Temporarily Closed
  9. test
  10. Man arrested in Santee for "hi cap mag"
  11. CALGUNS C3 Chapter "Volunteers Needed"
  12. Join us Saturday Dec 8 for USMC Toys 4 Tots family fun day
  13. ...
  14. Happy New Year Everyone
  15. Ontario Gun Show
  16. Peaceful Protest on Feb 8
  17. Any SoCal. area events this MLK Day (Monday, 1/21/2013)?
  18. Hello to all
  19. Do you have what it takes to join the FIRST Calguns.net / CGSSA Shooting Team?
  20. Temecula Rod Run/March 8 & 9, 2013
  21. can primers go bad
  22. west end gun club
  23. Who we voting for? (40th District) Senate
  24. 2/26/13 North OC Shoot @ Field Time Target and Training
  25. Cutting 870 stock down to a birdshead grip
  26. Calguner needs our help.
  27. SoCal tailor recommendations-CC friendly?
  28. HELP!!!!!
  29. Ontario Gun Show?
  30. Santa Maria Reloading
  31. 4/23/13 North OC Shoot @ Field Time Target and Training
  32. 4/23/13 North OC Shoot @ Field Time Target and Training
  33. Possible ammo solution!
  34. WTB: Beretta Jetfire 950 Nickel 25 ACP
  35. Raahagues Shooting Sprots Fair volunteers
  36. Need to move a gun safe
  37. KE Arms/AS&T build party Orange CA
  38. WTS: AR-10 FULTON ARMORY 308
  39. Cost of private party transfers?
  40. Crossroads Gun Show @ Del Mar, May 18-19th
  41. 5/28/13 North OC Shoot @ Field Time Target and Training
  42. PPT of firearms
  43. AK Bending Jig
  44. Recommendation for HD course
  45. limit on a private party transfer per month?
  46. WBC to Picket excoworkers funeral
  47. Any ever been to clark county shooting park?
  48. Recommendations for Carbine training courses?
  49. Hodge Road
  50. Job Openings - Ammunition Manufacturing
  51. Lytle Creek, Angeles, Or Burro.
  52. AR build party ?
  53. Shooting date in Santa Barbara???
  54. LDF 5th Saturday AUGUST STEEL MATCH August 31st at PALA!
  55. New to L.A. - Shipping and Ownership Advice Request
  56. Any Walmarts in socal that don't sell ammo?
  57. Need some help and advice!!! Please
  58. Where do peeps in the high desert / victor valley shoot
  59. Gun stores for Feds
  60. Longest indoor ranges in So Cal?
  61. Engraving Pics
  62. Anodize Companies in Socal?
  63. looking to buy an AR15 and bring it with me to CA
  64. Desert Marksman Rifle Club
  65. Del Mar Gun Show
  66. just moved to Santa Clarita, CA
  67. Greetings!
  68. Are there any GOOD gun shops in the Antelope Valley?
  69. New Gun Shop open in San Diego
  70. City of Los Angeles Residence PPT
  71. open shooting area
  72. Recommend me a shop in the Central Coast
  73. Looking for someone to build a upper in LA/SoCal
  74. BLM near Palms Springs
  75. Jacketed Ammo & BLM Land
  76. AK kit ??
  77. Central California chapter
  78. Posting deleted by author
  79. Anybody Representing Long Beach
  80. Ranges in LA area that don't have "rapid fire" rule
  81. Closest BLM shooting to LA or OC?
  82. Range 105 Twentynine Palms Info
  83. So wait! Compact guns aren't sold in Los Angeles?
  84. Any Clampers - ECV
  85. Build Your Own AR15
  86. FFL Transfer or local buy in LA
  87. 80% Mill in Southern California?
  88. Magnetic ammo friendly shooting range
  89. First 1911 - questions & good gunsmith in OC area?
  90. Moving gun safe
  91. Went to Hodge Rd (BLM land) for the first time today
  92. Gunsmith in SFV or Ventura that does pin & weld?
  93. rattlesnake rd rosamond
  94. New to blm. Live in Santa Clarita. Barstow or mojave
  95. Oak Tree Gun Club stab's us in the back for profit? Smart Gun Tech
  96. OC Sheriff goes shall-issue
  97. Anyone else heading to the Tierra Del Sol 4x4 event this weekend?
  98. Shipping parts??
  99. RIP Bob Wickes
  100. Two women were robbed at gunpoint in a Mission Viejo parking lot
  101. .510 DTC
  102. Is Wolf Gold OK to shoot at Field Time?
  103. Outdoor ranges
  104. Long Range spot at Hodge Rd?
  105. Outdoor ranges around Redlands?
  106. March 8th event
  107. Gun range with CZ 75?
  108. CZ Gunsmith
  109. Angeles today, March 20, 2014
  110. A few questions.. Any idea where I can shoot and MAYBE rent a cabin
  111. Shooting Near Lone Pine. Not Sure If This Belongs in Nor Cal or So Cal.
  112. Where is the best place for m&p .45 accessories?
  113. Ventura County FFL - Recommendations
  114. Where do those in Oceanside go shoot?
  115. Ruger Collecting
  116. Redfield Armory - thumbs up!
  117. Taking a trip to socal...
  118. remington 700 vtr 308
  119. PPT at Island View Enterprises
  120. California City?
  121. The area west of Palm Springs off Hwy111?
  122. Any members in Kern County/Tehachapi?
  123. Gun Refinisher to achieve a Polished Blue'd finish on 1911?
  124. Palm Springs BLM Shooting Memorial Weekend
  125. AR500 steel targets
  126. EP Armory
  127. Lake Cachuma Shooting Location
  128. delete
  129. Walther PPQ to try out?
  130. Where is everyone shooting at?
  131. Opinions on the Mossberg 9200 12GA
  132. Blade tech OWB Eclipse holster - Sig P220 Carry
  133. where can i buy an hk mp5 in cali
  134. Oak tree gun club?
  136. Angeles range Sunday Morn?
  137. Advice wanted on camp/canoe/fish/shoot spots in the area
  138. BLMLAND
  139. Good indoor ranges in LA?
  140. Does Angeles normally do this?
  141. SoCal Range Gun Rental
  142. AK47's
  143. Mexicans/Latinos with firearms
  144. santiago peak
  145. ***RECENT*** visitors to Lytle Creek, a few questions for you.....
  146. SoCal! Help us take back the I.E. for 2A this November!
  147. Need help 7.62x39 ar
  148. Anywhere to shoot near La Quinta / Indio?
  149. Italians / Spanish with firearms
  150. 1944 M1 Garand Stock fitting
  151. CGSSA Master Coordinator Volunteer Position
  152. Oak Tree Gun Club vs. Angeles Shooting Range
  153. veterans day parade this weekend in Long beach
  154. 5.56 Hornady Tap ammo retailer?
  155. Please help! Missing person!
  156. s/w pro 5 in.
  157. Santa Maria long range shooting spots?
  158. Outdoor Ranges In SoCal?
  159. Buying a upper receiver online
  160. Any good quail hunting spots on public land?
  161. Any suggestions
  162. SOLD
  163. answered
  164. Done
  165. Black helos fly over Disneyland and extra security
  166. Springfield XD Mod. 2 .40SW
  167. Flush cut and reverse crown(1911)
  168. Ocotillo Wells, steel core ammo ok?
  169. Anyone want a SA EMP Alien Gear Shell ??
  171. Who has AK-47's in stock?
  172. German P226
  173. Where can I shoot near Mojave
  174. Where to shoot Steel core 7.62x54R
  175. Asians with Guns!
  176. Gunsmith help? I live in Santa Clarita 5/14 Split (Supposedly Easy)
  177. Recommend a shop that ports barrels?
  178. Any N-PAPs in stock?
  179. Browning Citori Double Barrel
  180. Remington Model 1100 LT-20
  181. Browning Citori - 1973 (first year model was made)
  182. LdF (Pala) Multi-Gun Match 05/10/15
  183. Gunsmith in the Valley?
  184. Orange/L.A./Riverside/San Diego- Calgunners Come Have A Beer With Us
  185. Recommend me a good shooting range in/around Temecula
  186. SoCal Shooting Ranges For Drills?
  187. REGISTRATION OPEN: CGSSA Presents - Dueling Tree Massacre II (11/22/2015)
  188. Appointment Date
  189. Taking a trip to SoCal, what are some good gun shops to check out?
  190. Where can I shoot on BLM Land Riverside County
  191. Worst city to own a firearm?
  192. CALGUNS Sports Fair Booth June 3,4,5
  193. Kern County Chapter?
  194. Desert shooting areas
  195. 4th of July weekend at Hodge Road..?
  196. Freeway close range driving from la to San Diego?
  197. New Burbank Ammo & Gun Store!
  198. 2016 Dueling Tree Massacre?
  200. Gone
  201. tactical pistol training
  202. Friends of NRA Dinners 2017
  203. Stolen Car Alert
  204. Looking for Pistol training in So Cal...
  205. CGSSA - OFFICIAL GLOCK MATCH Challengers Needed!
  207. Anyone here attending the NRA Annual Meetings?
  208. Amazon Smile
  209. JOIN US: AR-15 Firing Pin Lapel Pins ($6 ea)
  210. Santa Barbara County
  211. Target Shooting in Bee Canyon
  212. GSSF and CGSSA Presents: GLOCK West Coast Challenge III - Spring (04/07 & 04/08)
  213. Shotgun class (w/range time) around Oxnard?
  214. GSSF and CGSSA Presents: GLOCK West Coast Challenge III - Fall (11/17 & 11/18)