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  6. Any future sales?
  7. Got my rig in the mail last week, excited !
  8. New Line-x coating
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  10. New! AR500 Armor Carbon Nanotube IIIA Soft Body Armor
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  13. How to wear Hard Body Armor - AR500 Armor
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  15. AR500 Armor Emergency Personal Injury Kit
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  18. AR500 Armor Carbon Nanotube 10" x 12" ASC & 6" x 8" Side IIIA Body Amor
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  25. Custom Target
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  28. Banshee Plate Carrier
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  31. Guns.com AR500 ArmorŪ Stress Test - up to a .50 Cal!
  32. AR500 ArmorŪ vs. 12ga Slugs with PAXCON Spall & Frag Mitigation Coating
  33. Any local dealers in SoCal?
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  35. Steel Core 7.62x54R vs. AR500 ArmorŪ Body Armor
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  37. 5.56 Incendiary (API) vs. AR500 ArmorŪ Level III Body Armor
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  39. Are you guys gonna be at the Crossroads of the West gun show in Ontario this weekend?
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  44. AR500 ArmorŪ Emergency Personal Injury Kit (EPIK) IFAK
  45. AR500 ArmorŪ Level III Body Armor vs. 5.56 Tracers
  46. 5.7x28mm, will it really penetrate body armor? We put it to the test against AR500 A
  47. AR500 ArmorŪ now stocking Geigerrig Packs, Hydration Engines, and Water Filters!
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  51. AR500 ArmorŪ Trauma Pads now available in new sizes with GEN II Improvements!
  52. AR500 ArmorŪ now offering the Inforce WML (Weapon Mounted Light) Series!
  53. 12ga Slug with a Flint-Tip vs. AR500 ArmorŪ Level III Body Armor by Taofledermaus
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  55. H.R.5344 aims to ban law abiding citizens from owning Body Armor!
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  57. ELSA™ (Emergency Life Saving Armor Carrier) - Briefcase Carrier!
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  66. Inforce APL, Pistol Lights now in stock at AR500 ArmorŪ!
  67. (Video) Shooting a "Hostage Situation" target while wearing AR500 armor.
  68. Should Civilians Own Body Armor?
  69. AR500 ArmorŪ Level IV Body Armor now available!
  70. AR500 ArmorŪ 500K Giveaway!
  71. AR500 ArmorŪ Level IV Body Armor Torture Test by Demolition Ranch!
  72. 30.06 M2AP (Armor Piercing) vs. AR500 ArmorŪ Level IV Body Armor
  73. Left Handed Chest Mounted Pistol Holster now available!
  74. blackfriday?
  75. Body Armor, Back Face Deformation & Trauma Pad Video! What does it all mean?
  76. AR500 ArmorŪ Black Friday Sale! 15% off everything!
  77. AR500 ArmorŪ Cyber Monday Deals!
  78. .300 Win, .338 Lapua and Lehigh .50 BMG! vs. AR500 ArmorŪ Body Armor
  79. Cyalume Chemlight Military Grade Light Sticks now available at AR500 ArmorŪ!
  80. Plate Carrier & Body Armor Basics (Part 1) - Fitting a Plate Carrier
  81. Plate Carrier & Body Armor Basics (Part 2) - Shoulder your rifle & Slings
  82. AR500 ArmorŪ Body Armor Spall & Frag Test in Plate Carrier!
  83. Mountain House Freeze Dried Food now available at AR500 ArmorŪ!
  84. Plate Carrier & Body Armor Basics (Part 3) - Application in your life & Gear
  85. Demolition Ranch, 90 rounds of 5.56 green tip vs. AR500 ArmorŪ Body Armor!
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  87. AR500 ArmorŪ Hybrid IIIA Soft Body Armor, new!
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  89. New! AR500 ArmorŪ Micro Plate Carrier & Armor Package
  90. AR500 ArmorŪ EPC (Emergency Personal Carrier)
  91. Body Armor Ban proposal, H.R. 378 - Take Action Now!
  92. Miss us at Shot Show? AR500 ArmorŪ Booth Review, New Products!
  93. Finally ordered!
  94. Win an AR500 ArmorŪ Micro Plate Carrier Package!
  95. CQB, 12 Gauge Slugs, Benelli M4, AR500 ArmorŪ Level III Body Armor!
  96. Worlds most powerful Crossbow vs. AR500 ArmorŪ Level IV Body Armor
  97. New! AR500 ArmorŪ Level III+ Body Armor!
  98. AR500 ArmorŪ Hybrid IIIA Body Armor vs .22 Magnum!
  99. FN 5.7x28 & 12 Gauge Slugs vs. Soft Body Armor!
  100. AR500 ArmorŪ level III+ Live Fire Test w/ Vets on Media - Unedited!
  101. Plate Carrier & Body Armor Basics (Part 4) - Shooting Positions with body armor
  102. I found this Level 3 test video
  103. Redwire Gear Convertible Rifle Slings - Now Available!
  104. Win an AR500 ArmorŪ Level IV Body Armor Package!
  105. 9mm Defense Rounds, and 12 Gauge Slugs vs. AR500 ArmorŪ Hybrid IIIA Soft Body Armor!
  106. Level IV Body Armor Contract Overrun Special!
  107. 7.62x39 AP (Black Tip) Vs. AR500 ArmorŪ level III Body Armor at 6 feet!
  108. AR500 ArmorŪ Abdominal Ballistic System (ABS)!
  109. AR500 ArmorŪ Level III+ 11" x 14" Extra Large Body Armor!
  110. 2,000fps, Civil Defense 9mm +P 50gr vs. Hybrid IIIA Body Armor!
  111. AR500 ArmorŪ Spall & Fragmentation Shield! New Product
  112. IIIA Soft Armor penetration in ballistics clay! What's it look like?
  113. Armor Piercing .308 (7.62x51) Black Tip vs. Level III+ Body Armor
  114. Body Armor Basics (Part 5) - Shooting & Moving
  115. What is level III+ Body Armor?
  116. Body Armor Spall & Fragmentation - AR500 ArmorŪ Spall Shield
  117. AR500 ArmorŪ Easter Egg Hunt Promo!
  118. Wolf Gray Concealment Carrier now available! AR500 ArmorŪ
  119. AR500 ArmorŪ behind the scenes! Wonder how we manufacture your armor?
  120. ESCORT Briefcase Plate Carrier! New Product
  121. FREE Sentry Plate Carrier & Level III Body Armor w/ X26C Purchase!
  122. AR500 Armor Lightweight Level III+ Body Armor! - Lightweight Steel Body Armor??!!
  123. Is 1/4" ballistic steel 550BHN really level III+ rated?
  124. AR500 ArmorŪ 750K Giveaway!
  125. 7.62x51 vs. Lightest Level III+ steel body armor on the market
  126. Defeating .300 Win Mag at just 12' with our new Lightweight III+ Body Armor!
  127. AR500 ArmorŪ Rimelig Soft Armor - Affordable Backpack Body Armor!
  128. Lightest Weight Steel III+ Body Armor vs. 5.56 M855 & XM193 - AR500 ArmorŪ
  129. 300BLK vs. AR500 ArmorŪ Hybrid Soft Armor
  130. Wondering what a Cannon does to Body Armor?
  131. Rimelig Flash Sale! Save 20% off our 10" x 12" ASC Rimelig IIIA Soft Body Armor throu
  132. 4,280 FPS 22-250 vs. AR500 ArmorŪ Level IV Body Armor
  133. Quickest to get into Carrier?
  135. An Inside look of AR500 ArmorŪ - FAQs Video
  136. Contract Over-Run IOTV w/ Level III Armor Blowout! Limited Quantities
  137. TWANGnBANG AR500 ArmorŪ Micro Plate Carrier Review!
  138. 7.62x54R Tifecta vs. Body Armor! Incendiary, Silver-Tip, Surplus - Mosin Nagant & VEP
  139. New! Warrior DCS Plate Package w/ AR500 ArmorŪ Level III Body Armor, Holster, & Pouch
  140. Ar500 Armors response to Ar680?
  141. Guest from AR500 ArmorŪ on The Arms Room Show!
  142. AR500 ArmorŪ Level III+ Body Armor VS 5.56mm TNOutdoors9 Review
  143. Sale: AR500 ArmorŪ Backpack IIIA Soft Armor Package! 20% Off
  144. 10% Off Labor Day Sale
  145. We Have Relocated!
  146. AR500 ArmorŪ 11" x 14" Rimelig IIIA Soft Body Armor now available!
  147. Body Armor Package with No lead Time & Free Shipping!
  148. Question about printing
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  150. AR500 ArmorŪ Cyber Monday Sale!
  151. New! AR500 ArmorŪ Micro Slick Side Plate Carrier
  152. AR500 ArmorŪ Guardian Plate Carrier - New!
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  154. PeaceKeeper Low-Print BALCS Plate Carrier Line-Up now available for pre-order!
  155. AR500 ArmorŪ Taser Package Blowout (Includes Free Armor)
  156. AR 500 Unprofessional Behavior
  157. New deals?
  158. have four. In addition, Chance
  159. Independence Day Promotion 2017! Testudo $177.60 Package w/ Armor plus more more!!
  160. Celebrate Savings with AR500 Armor's Anniversary - Up to 50%
  161. Thanks for the quick response and accomodating
  162. Any shops around San Diego that sells AR500 products?