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  3. Question to Primary Arms
  4. PA 3x Compact Scope Questions...
  5. Thank you Primary Arms!!!
  6. 1000 round case of Federal XM193 5.56 $270 shipped!
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  9. Any plan to run a promo on Eotech EXP2?
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  12. Big thumbs up for Primary Arms
  13. Great company!
  14. Primary Arms Service review
  15. Red Dot multi Reticle BLEM
  16. Few Questions About Multi Reticals Red dot
  17. Just wanted to say thanks
  18. Setting a Ebay Store
  19. Micro reflex sight..
  20. Where's the 3x deluxe magnifier?
  21. Thank you Marshall!
  22. help me pick one of your red dots
  23. Md-07 vs md-08
  24. PA on a Socom II....will it work?
  25. Primary Arms DD Products
  26. Always had great service but...
  27. Long range scope?
  28. Micro dot FTw
  29. Thank you PA
  30. Export
  31. Just Awsome
  32. 30MM reddot with Aimpoint SRP mount
  33. Primary Arms 1-4X 24 Illuminated Scope PA14X
  34. Great deal, better service!
  35. QD for PAM3M?
  36. 30mm Red Dot availability
  37. Link to Memorial Day Promo
  38. Super fast shipping!
  39. red dot mounting for lefties
  40. Just bought the 30mm multi-reticle...
  41. Any ETA on Micro dot risers back in stock
  42. Primary Arms New Cowitness video!!
  43. PA micro relex sight
  44. Looking for a suggestion for mRDS for a Sig 522
  45. 4th of July Sale
  46. Big ups to Primary Arms!
  47. Can you offer Vortex scope cap covers?
  48. Batteries
  49. PA 3x scope
  50. 5x scope
  51. Tapeswitch died on me
  52. Micro Red Dot for Ruger MKIII
  53. Primary Arms Micro Dot With Fixed Base and AR Height Riser Mount
  54. PAM3M Red Dot + 6x Magnifier -> Rail Size Question
  55. 6x magnifier
  56. Handgun light
  57. Dim dot on PA micro
  58. Scope with greater than 20x magnification?
  59. You guys rock
  60. Primary Arms GEN 2 AA Battery Red Dot
  61. 3x Magnifer paired with SPARC Height Question.
  62. PA Reflex Sight
  63. Primary Arms 4-14X44 Mil Mil FFP Scope
  64. Primary Arms ROCKS! Check out their Labor Day Sale.
  65. New PA reticule!! (PA ACSS 5.56/5.45)
  66. Magnifier and mount
  67. Red dots---Always OUT OF STOCK
  68. Thumbs up to Primary Arms!
  69. You Lost Sale to RifleGear
  70. Any ETA on PA FTS Magnifier Mounts?
  71. Primary Arms 4-16x44 scope
  72. Columbus day Promo
  73. Crazy Fast Shipping!
  74. Super fast service and delivery. Thanks!
  75. First Order with Primary Arms - Kalinka Is Good To GO~
  76. 3x Compact Scope and 5x Compact Scope?
  77. OH MAN!!
  78. Awesome...
  79. Thanks PA!
  80. Spooky Halloween Promo!!!
  81. Great vendor
  82. Difference between magnifiers?
  83. Free Shipping - on small items
  84. Going to order one today.
  85. Do I need lower rings?
  86. Parcel post ship time?
  87. Do you guys sell mag rebuild kits?
  88. Black Friday Special
  89. Primary Arms ROCKS!!!!
  90. Cyber day Monday!!!
  91. Surefire X300 Ultra
  92. Excellent Vendor!
  93. 4x16 primary arms
  94. Won't ship lowers to California?
  95. RDS
  96. Primary Arms Answers their phone
  97. Gotta give it up to PA.
  98. Which magnifier mount?
  99. Primary Arms 30mm Red Dot
  100. MD-08 questions
  101. Today's my Bday, look what PA sent me!
  102. Primary Arms 4-14X44 Mil Mil FFP Scope
  103. 3X BDC work with .22 LR?
  104. Loose in mount
  105. PA14x24 cat tail?
  106. PA14x + Midwest Industries AK30SM??
  107. FTS mount?
  108. Ammo In stock again.
  109. Primary Arms 30mm Red dot availability ETA
  110. I have PAM3M w/ High Cantilever. Which Magnifier would you recommend?
  111. New Primary Arms 6x with "ACSS" reticule are finally here!!
  112. Primary Arms 3MOA CR2032 Red Dot
  113. Primary Arms - Awesome again
  114. PA 4-14X44 Mil Mil FFP Scope - Suitable for larger calibers?
  115. 4-16x44 sun shade
  116. Best Red Dot for a Mini-14
  117. Primary Arms - Please contact me
  118. 10 rd Pmags.
  119. Fastest Mailorder to Ship record....
  120. Low Profile Reflex Sight
  121. 10 round Pmags!!!
  122. PA 5x Compact...Update?
  123. Green Light Lasers?
  124. FTS Mount - Aim Compatible?
  125. Primary Arms Micro Red Dot ETA
  126. PA 4-14x44 with ACSS Reticle ?
  127. Primary Arms Service is outstanding
  128. Flip-to-side magnifier mount recommendation
  129. WTB Compact 3x or 5x With ACSS
  130. I want a .22lr scope
  131. Mounting question - Ordered Micro Red Dot
  132. PA 4-14X44 Mil Mil FFP Scope
  133. Fathers Day Coupon Code not working?
  134. PA 6-24x Mil Mil FFP scope
  135. Question about 3x mag
  136. Silver Bear 62gr 223 Zinc
  137. Primary Arms ACSS scope in 308!!!!!!
  138. 4th of July PA promo!!!!
  139. Question: Micro Dot on a 12ga
  140. PA 30mm red dot and PA 3x Magnifier Mount question
  141. Shipping Suggestion??
  142. New Primary Arms 1-6x with ACSS reticle!!
  143. PA 30mm Red Dot
  144. Questions about gear for an R700 SPS Varmint
  145. Primary Arms Hot Summer Sale!!!!!!!!!!
  146. ETA on Generation 3 red dots?
  147. New MD06-L with threads for killflash
  148. Labor Day Sale!!!!!!!!!'
  149. No more Primary Arms RMR?
  150. WTB: Gen III Multi Reticle RDS
  151. Primary Arms Anniversary SALE!!!
  152. question on zeroing. 1-6acss
  153. California legal Complete AR coming soon!!
  154. 2.5x...ETA?
  155. Sneak Peak testing of PRIMARY ARMS CQB-M 2.5x
  156. Great Customer Service!
  157. great service, store visit review
  158. Great Service (Thanks Brad!)
  159. NEW! TWS Dog Leg Scope Rail / Primary Arms MD-06 Bundle! (limited quantity)
  160. Which Primary Arms Micro Dot?
  161. Question regarding uppers.
  162. Veterans Day Sale!!!
  163. EoTech Rebate!
  164. 11-12-13 ONLINE ORDER REVIEW
  166. Outstanding Customer Service !
  167. Better Choice for 30-06
  168. Error
  169. Question re: MD-06 adjustments
  170. black friday deals?
  171. ACSS at 800 yards!
  173. Samson 30mm Quick Flip Magnifier Mount / P.A. 3X L.E.R. Magnifier Bundle
  174. Cyber Monday Promo!!!
  175. Christmas Sale!!!!!
  176. [[[[[[[[Killer deals on CA compliant AR's !!!!!]]]]]]]
  177. More Christmas savings!!!
  178. More Christmas Sales!!!
  179. Primary Arms Review...
  180. Old RMR Green Dot optic. Are they ever coming back?
  181. Happy New Year!!
  182. Optisan ACSS 1-6x scope
  183. Introduction of Primary Arms 4-14FFP ACSS .308/.223 HUD
  184. MD-06 Removable Base?
  185. 300 blk/7.62x39 1-6 scopes
  186. Ring Mounts
  187. Primary Arms 1-6xACSS Gen 2 5.56/5.45/.308
  188. Any CG deals on a LER 3x magnifier?
  189. PA optic torture testing of ACSS/Advance red dot series!!!
  190. Testing of PA 3x magnifier with PA flip to side QD mount
  191. Primary Arms MD-FBGII test video
  192. Advanced red dot with green laser
  193. PA 30mm low rings torque spec?
  194. New Primary Arms Camo stencil!!!
  195. New!! PA camo stencil with video!!
  196. New!!! HOLOSUN MICRO DOT.
  197. P.A. is Awesome!
  198. Primary Arms 4XPrisms with ACSS reticle are here!!!!!!!
  199. Close up view of the new 4xACSS!
  200. What to put on 2.5x top rail?
  201. When will you get more Raptor ambi ch handles?
  202. Primary Arms 1-6x gen II RANGE REPORT!
  203. PA MD-06 question
  204. Question about your Primary Arms return policy?
  205. ((((Memorial Day Sale!!!!!))))
  206. Primary Arms 1-6X Scope with ACSS 7.62X39-300AAC Reticle*
  207. Red Dot Reflex Sight - Questions
  208. 4th of July Promos!!!
  209. 1x sight with etched reticle
  210. Terrific customer service
  211. Good as it gets! A+ overall
  212. 30mm Precision Rifle Rings
  213. PA 4-14x ACSS ETA?
  214. Reviews of 4x14x44 ACCS .308/.223
  215. Primaryarms RBG2 extreme cold h2o test
  216. Primary Arms Micro Dot With Removable Base MD-RBGII PA Riser Bundle
  217. Thanks PA.
  218. Primary Arms 6X fixed Scope for Mini 14
  219. MD-ADS are here!!
  220. Help with PA RMR. Thrust an Clamp Screws???
  221. 1-6x vs 4-14x acss at 100 yards
  222. Diamondhead VRS "T" 13.5" Free-Floating Versa Base
  223. AR pistols are here!! Grab them while they last!!!
  224. Cyber Monday is on!!
  225. Great CS, as always
  226. Why you guys no ship to CA and let CA FFL make it CA compliant?
  227. Delete
  228. Great first time shopping experience
  229. 4-14 FFP Mil Dot Illuminated?
  230. Service rant (not really)
  231. You guys rock
  232. Holo 403G Flip Caps
  233. Another you guys rock
  234. PA Scope Throw Lever?
  235. Missing Item.....
  236. when will you have 4-14X44 FFP scope back
  237. GREAT PRODUCTS & a question...
  238. FDE Raptor Charging Handle - 5.56MM
  239. Scope purchase discount
  240. DI Optical review whereabouts?!
  241. PA 6-24x Mil Mil FFP scope
  242. New PA scopes
  243. Intro to the up coming ACSS R grid reticle
  245. 1-4x scope for .22 dedicated ar
  246. Thank you again for your great service.
  247. PA is awesome again
  248. New Website
  249. Can you expand your Trijicon ACSS product line?
  250. New Generation 3X Magnifier? Any updated ETA on this???