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  1. question on centerfire certification
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  6. Handgun under 21
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  8. .22 Rifle Rentals
  9. Rental firearms
  10. Note on my treatment at OT (positive)
  11. Beginner classes.
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  13. Great Facility, Very professional
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  18. SIG Short-Reset-Trigger (SRT) Kits
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  21. On Target is top shelf
  22. Nice tv appearance
  23. How many pistol lanes are there?
  24. Received great Service from On Target
  25. Plenty of Pistol in-stock!
  26. Rifle Safety Course Starts at 9:00AM Starting 5/31/2015
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  28. Support Heroes On The Water December 5th
  29. On Target Now Offers OC CCW Renewal Course
  30. Renewal of membership
  31. Are you still handling transfer of internet ammo purchases?