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  1. Exemption code X13 on DROS?
  3. FFL's That Are Willing To Do CA Xfers
  4. FFL Transfers
  5. EZ-4473
  6. Good A & D Bound Book Software??
  7. Questions on shipping SW MP15 to a FFL
  8. Someone help me reach Prodefense in Redlands
  9. Obtaining an ffl
  10. Advice on obtaining 07FFL?
  11. Is there a set PPT/DROS fee?
  12. DOJ Centralized Dealers List. What is a DOJ Inspection like?
  13. Faxing FFL info?
  14. FFL rules for Georgia rifle purchased over internet
  15. Irvington Arms Transfer
  16. FFL Question
  17. Don Gussler and WASR?
  18. Exemption question
  19. AR15 Lower transfer help. please look. unique situation :)
  20. Central Valley FFL willing to do AR's and Siaga's.
  21. Looking for FFL in San Diego
  22. Short and sweet, can I............
  23. Transfers - What is the take for California?
  24. Shipping rifle to ffl
  25. Who is your go to FFL in Socal ?
  26. Who is your go to FFL in NorCal?
  27. ffl for private collection
  28. Need an FFL between Santa Barbara/San Diego
  29. could I find the FFL I used in 2005?
  30. Getting a sks out of state
  31. AK transfer willing FFL
  32. Colt 38 Super FFL transfer Help
  33. Shipping to Cali question.
  34. What FFL will do my Intra-Family out of state transfer in LA?
  35. Resident Alien Residency question
  36. Intra-familial transfer from out of state
  37. Multiple firearms on one DROS
  38. One pistol per 30 day rule, exemptions?
  39. Tax Return Check for Proof of Residence?
  40. SF Bay Area FFL's that accept whole CA legal rifles
  41. AR lowers registered as Pistols?
  42. How to become an FFL in the LA area?
  43. Question about an old rifle
  44. Driver's Licenses, Scan or Photocopy?
  45. New FFL in Petaluma SPORTSMANS ARMS 884 BODEGA AVE #2, PETALUMA CA 94952
  46. Question on whats needed to send a rifle to a FFL
  47. For FFLs, about PPTs...
  49. HAZMAT shipping
  50. Is there hope
  51. ffl
  52. handgun registration?
  53. FFL to install gas pistons?
  54. Looking For AR friendly FFL in Solano County
  55. AR friendly FFL in Solano County?
  56. NEED FFL For a PPT
  57. PPT
  58. Proof of residency
  59. Legally Owned AW's, owner deceased
  60. Looking to Lease a Retail Space for a Gun Shop? ...Retail Space in Long Beach...
  61. Transfer of old handguns.
  62. Shipping antique pistol
  63. How to transfer
  64. A question regarding the PPT process
  65. Out of state CR holder question
  66. Soldier wants to transfer K98
  67. Assault Weapons Permits
  68. Firearm Ownership Record
  69. Cable lock and lower ?
  70. Certificate of Eligibility
  71. ffl transfer to simi
  72. DROS Entry System - Multiple Handgun - C&R w/COE Question
  73. Adding Family Member to Existing AW Registration ?
  74. Insurance Coverage for Small Time Dealers
  75. FFL who is OLL friendly in Eastbay area
  76. How to do PPT from Oregon to California
  77. DOJ Certified Instructor
  78. Norinco Mak 90 Consign.
  79. ATF Form 6A & Customs Help
  80. How many guns a month/year?
  81. Should I be concerned?
  82. Quetions on getting a FFL license
  83. FFL Google Map
  84. Does FFL collect CA sale tax on PPT?
  85. FFL Type 06
  86. DROS at 2 different FFL's
  87. baby eagle not so blues
  88. Question regarding C&R transfers between individuals
  89. Giving a pistol to my nephew out of state
  90. Steps to getting a 01 FFL?
  91. Newbie FFL
  92. importing a walther P38 into Kali
  93. Off list PPT
  94. Gun store for sale
  95. Any FFL recommendations near Pasadena?
  96. S&W 637-2 Order Voided
  97. charging TAX
  98. -----------------------
  99. Newbie - Getting an FFL License???
  100. New FFL Opens For Business In SF Valley
  101. 2 Questions regarding multiple PPT's at one time...
  102. So Cal Area FFL?
  103. Transfer of OLL from father who passed away.
  104. Orange County FFL - Open on Sundays ?
  105. question about becomming a FFL...
  106. Locks for PPT of pistols?
  107. Painting rollmarks legally
  108. PPT for an Off List pistol coming in from out of state
  109. FFL Transfer around or near Costa Mesa
  110. ffl in east bay willing to do transfer
  111. Pawn/ secondhand slips
  112. Getting a COE
  113. What constitutes a new purchase?
  114. Buying a AR Pistol from out of state
  115. Out of state private to FFL transfer question
  116. Tax? Sorry, this has probably been beat to death
  117. WTK: WTS parts kits and receivers...need advice
  118. questions from a rookie
  119. out-of-state intra-familial gift transfers
  120. Proof of Address
  121. Commercial Insurance?
  122. Un-Wanted Repair Return
  123. Rifle or Receiver: 4473
  124. EZ 4473 program
  125. card reader
  126. How many denials do you actually see in a month?
  127. Required to ship ammo to FFL?
  128. Selling out of state lowers
  129. Last Stand Gun Shop, Inc.
  130. '83 gun show surplus rifle purchase Q
  131. Rules for purchasing new gun from FFL
  132. AW Reg. question. Was the paperwork done correctly?
  133. poster and POP displays question
  134. Please delete
  135. buying a long gun out of state
  136. Fairfield anyone?
  137. "My Worries as a Latino"
  138. Delete
  139. Federal Gun Lock Requirements
  140. BIL passed away in Missouri
  141. PPT fees
  142. AW Licensed FFLs?
  143. Victorville/Apple Valley FFL
  144. Looking for FFL near Monterey, CA
  145. San Diego PPT experience
  146. How does an FFL buy a gun?
  147. FFL in Bay Area for LRB M14 order
  148. Dad's old savage
  149. Denied after sale
  150. WTK: CA-friendly FFL in Colorado Springs, CO area...
  151. eZCheck not a substitute...
  152. Buying guns on consignment
  153. Question about long gun paperwork requirements
  154. Selling 20 round rifle magazines
  155. MBUS
  156. San diego city Cleo info for c&r
  157. Transfer between relatives
  158. Question about shipping(returning) handgun to owner... out of state
  159. Registration questions... need help!
  160. Safe Handling Demonstration
  161. Questions regarding transfers...
  162. Where close to Oakland can i transfer
  163. AW transfer question
  164. ATF form 5300.42
  165. Do you have to..........
  166. Tansfering a handgun frame?
  167. 2 FFL's on One DROS / PPT ?
  168. Fingerprint on DROS
  169. Registered AW
  170. Consignment?
  171. Finally
  172. Help Find a Bay Area FFL Signed with Midway USA
  173. $26 DROS
  174. What can I do with my "gangsta" gun
  175. Springfield Armory micro .45 acp
  176. Looking for FFL in Scal that wont break the bank
  177. CA's New Tax Scheme and FFLs
  178. Need to DROS a CCR Raceframe
  179. FFL that will transfer in an non-CA compliant DSArms FAL?
  180. How much does it cost to open up a small store?
  181. OLL middleman; do they receive a transfer fee as well?
  182. Need a FFL in Orange county california
  183. Dealy of transfer question
  184. Selling stripped lowers
  185. Difficulty in FFL transfer
  186. DROS worksheet?
  187. FFL In Temecula & San Diego
  188. How do you ship a handgun you have sold to a FFL?
  189. Bay area retailers/Do you have any new Wilson Combats in stock?
  190. San Diego FFL Licensing
  191. Ca Laws Help Please
  192. any bay area FFL's have a stag 2ht righty upper in stock?
  193. FFL AW Dealer
  194. $200 FLL 01 application Fee
  195. FFL and DOJ Certified Instructor
  196. CA<->CA transfer requires FFL<->FFL?
  197. Out of State FFL wants FFL AND DL
  198. Wanted: Bay area FFL who will receive a lower from a private party
  199. Log book
  200. Loaning a gun to a buddie
  201. New FFL in Santa Ana - T&A Armory
  202. Shooting Ranges...
  203. PPT (I'm sure you get this a lot so I'm sorry)
  204. 07FFL/01FFL
  205. CFLC on firearm returned
  206. Any FFL around L.A. / O.C. area that will sell / transfer stripped 1911 frame?
  207. PPT Intratec AB-10
  208. Newbie with a question
  209. Import export assisatance
  210. Looking for a FFL in SFV
  211. New here, roster sort of incomplete
  212. "Can" a class 03FFL obtain a CFLC? Help...
  213. delete
  214. delete
  215. NEW FFL in Rohnert Park
  216. Incorporating, LLC, etc.? How, Why, Why Not, How Much?
  217. Complete kits for AR-10 stripped lower .308
  218. Want to buy my first gun, need info on FLL
  219. looking for a sacramento area FFL
  220. Required signage
  221. How do you get seler to sighn DROS when he is out of state
  222. OLL friendly FFL along I5 corridor?
  224. xf
  225. Springfield EMP
  226. Off Roster private party transfer question
  227. Housecalls? PPT related.
  228. Shipping Back To MFG. For Repairs
  229. Looking for SF bay area FFL to help me gat a Saiga
  230. Slide purchase
  231. 80%
  232. City denying FFL based on "inventory"
  233. Reasons a CFD check could fail?
  234. Purchasing C&R handgun from active duty military stationed in CA?
  235. Antique rifle question?
  236. Finally a full fledged FFL
  237. Shipping Directly to C&R Licensee OK?
  238. Any middlemen left to install a BB on a CMMG bargain bin rifle?
  239. FFL business card?
  240. Local PD more Strict then State?
  241. The ATF told me receivers with buttstocks are not long guns, must be over 21.
  242. Need some help guys...
  243. Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide
  244. Newbie question on DROS and PPT
  245. FFL03/SHOT Show?
  246. Colt Cowboy .45 revolver Roster Exempt??
  247. Does PPT FFL check to see if the gun is stolen?
  248. FFL/gun store in north chatsworth area?
  249. First PPT have question
  250. PPT OLL Question.