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  1. Well hello there!
  2. CRPA stand on AB 357?
  3. What are your 'Top 3' ??
  4. Gave my money
  5. go on offense
  6. Just wrote my State Senator and State Assemblymember
  7. Can you help? Jr. Olympic Competition in Apr.
  8. Just signed up
  9. Nordyke publicity
  10. Deleted
  11. Is CRPA selling its email list to spammers?
  12. We must drive membership!
  13. Know Your California Gun Laws and Firearm Safety Guidelines
  14. G-Day from across the pacific
  15. what is CRPA?
  16. Sacto gun dealer
  17. can crpa pressure manufacturers add guns to the list?
  18. Is it worth joining the CRPA?
  19. Important CRPA News
  20. CRPA By-laws Available?
  21. New member here
  22. ARS in Illinois
  23. What happened the the CRPA website
  24. CRPA and Dr Ignatius Piazza
  25. CA Grizzlies win NTIT - 1st Civilians to win since 1930
  26. The Firing Line
  27. New (disillusioned) member
  28. new here, but not born yesterday
  29. Nice to see the CRPA appology regarding the Damian Nix article
  30. Gene's microstamping article was published in the Sept. Firing Line
  31. CRPA moving forward
  32. Firing Line Article by Oaklander
  33. So I Joined the CRPA....
  34. Off List Lower Pic
  35. CRPA Website?
  36. Membership info
  37. CRPA Board of Director's Meeting
  38. **CRPA MEMBERS POLL** Please chime in!
  39. Inland Fish and Game
  40. CRPA will be at RAAHAGUE's! Come by and say HI!
  41. CRPA??
  42. U.S. Supreme Court Rules That Second Amendment Limits State And Local Government Gun
  43. NRA-CRPA Current Litigation & Recent Successes
  44. The CRPA Foundation
  45. CRPA Pledges Amicus Support in New Chicago Case
  46. Chicago Pols Adopt The Goldilocks Approach To Gun Control
  47. NRA Presents Evidence On The Blood Lead Levels Of California Condors
  48. NRA/CRPA Foundation Legal Action Project Sues To Stop AB 962
  49. Keep the Pressure On - Stop AB 1810 & AB 1934!
  50. CRPA Foundation Files Amicus Brief In Ninth Circuit Case That May Determine The Stand
  51. membership
  52. A VICTORY FOR ALL GUN OWNERS! AB 1810, AB 1934, AB 2358 Defeated!
  53. Thanks
  54. Membership
  55. Will CRPA rate a gubernatorial candidate?
  56. Upcoming CRPA Pistol Matches
  57. ...
  58. Stay Lifted in Lawsuit Challenging Unconstitutional Ammo and Self Defense Bans in SF
  59. Final Action by Governor on Pending Bills for 2010
  60. CRPAF Foundation Files Legal Brief in Lawsuit to Block AB 962
  61. NRA and CRPAF Submit Comments Opposing California Regulations to Implement GCI
  62. NRA/CRPAF AB 962 Lawsuit Update
  63. NRA & CRPA Foundation Submit Opposition to Proposed Microstamping Regulations
  64. Are YOU Ready ?
  65. Appeal Filed in Lawsuit Challenging San Diego CCW Policies
  66. CRPA Booth At The ISE - January 2011
  67. NRA Lawsuit Sets Legal Precedents for Defending Hunter’s Rights
  68. Final Pre-Trial Briefs Filed In Lawsuit Challenging California Ban On Mail Order Ammo
  69. NRA/CRPAF Lawsuit Invalidates AB 962
  70. Formal Injunction Against Enforcement Of Ammunition Sales Regulations Issued
  71. White House plans new gun rules
  72. Is membership or donation better for the CPRA?
  73. Fresno Court Issues Formal Ruling Finding Ammunition Regulations Are Unconstitutional
  74. CRPA's 136th Annual Gala With Tom Gresham, Host of Gun Talk & NRA Pres. Ron Schmeits
  75. NRA Seeks to Protect Hunters’ Interests in Lawsuit Seeking Ban on Lead Ammunition...
  76. NRA & CRPA Oppose Expansion of Los Angeles Gun Purchaser Warning Letter Program...
  77. Show Your Pride in CRPA!
  78. Shocking Video Released by CRPA Foundation About Expelled High School Student
  79. Fantastic BOD Meeting and Awards Banquet!
  80. Second Guessing Membership in CRPA...
  81. CRPA at 'Raahagues' Shooting Sports Fair!
  82. Opportunity to serve CRPA, Partner with our Military, and have FUN in SLO!!!
  83. Support AB 1046 the Hunting Preservation Act
  84. Support the Hunting, Fishing and Recreational Shooting Sports Protection Act
  85. CRPAF Submits Comments on ATF Study that Could Restrict Importability Of Shotguns
  86. CRPA Booth Volunteers - Richmond IDPA May 20-22, 2011
  87. how long to recieve confirmation email?
  88. Just joined-- couple questions.
  89. NEWS!!! Calguns, CRPA, Appleseed - Working Together
  90. Take Action - Stop These Anti-Gun Bills
  91. Keep Anti-Gunners on the Run!
  92. NRA/CRPAF Lawsuit to Force LAPD to Comply W/Court Ordered CCW Permitting Program
  93. CRPA Attorneys File Peruta v. San Diego (carry case) Opening Appellate Brief
  94. CRPA - IDPA State Championship Photos - May 20-22, 2011
  95. Opening Brief Filed in NRA/CRPAF Supported Lawsuit Challenging SD CCW Policies
  96. Call Your Senator On These Bills Now!
  97. Trifecta brochure for Rahaagues and beyond
  98. ILEETA Files Amicus Brief in Peruta CCW Case
  99. Special CRPA Thank You from Calguns - Raahauges
  100. CRPA Executive Director and President's Monthly Report
  101. CRPA membership - ready to ship status?
  102. Orange County CCW
  103. Which market place section do you post an air gun for sale ?
  104. NRA/CRPAF Legal Action Wins Court order Forcing LAPD to Make CCW Policies Available..
  105. CRPA Clubs
  106. CRPA Clubs
  107. Move to NC
  108. Appleseed Presents: 2011 Constitution Day Shoot “Corona 210”
  109. Important CRPA Firing Line Correction - SB 610
  110. CRPA election ballot (July 2011)
  111. CRPA Booth at Annual Reserve Peace Officers Conference - San Jose - 8/25-27
  112. NRA and The CRPA Foundation File Lawsuit Challenging Firearm Sales "Fees"
  113. Urgent! It’s Time to Call and Write the Governor On SB 819!
  114. Urgent! AB 809 - Long Gun Registration Bill is Pending on the Senate Floor Right Now!
  115. It’s Time to Call and Write the Governor! SB 610, AB 144, AB 809, SB 427, SB 819
  116. CRPA Site Down?
  117. Legislative Results on Key Bills for 2011
  118. NRA/CRPA/CALGUNS City Of Azusa Update - Please read
  119. CRPA Website Under Maintenance - Will Be Back Later Tonight!
  120. Azusa City Council Drops Proposed Zoning Regulations...
  121. Here it is - The CRPA Foundation AR-15
  122. crpa vs crpa foundation?
  123. CRPA 137th Gala - 02/25/2012
  124. CRPA Executive Director and President's Monthly Report for October 2011
  125. What Team are You On? Roll Call...
  126. Would you like to be an active member?
  127. CRPA Stepping Up to Help, Calguns Style!
  129. CRPA n CALGUNS present Tactical Turkey Shoot n Q 02/11/12
  130. 2011 - CRPA, CRPA Foundation Year in Review
  131. Potential malware alert
  132. Holiday DOJ Website Failure Halts Thousands of Firearm Shipments into California
  133. Gun Safari Public Hearing Part Two - January 23, 2012
  134. Women On Target - Free Shoot @ Burro Canyon - March 24th
  135. CRPA final board reforms
  136. 2012 Gala Anyone here go?
  137. Your rights as a member
  138. Poll closed
  139. Women On Target Event After Action Report
  140. California Hunter Education Program Classes
  141. The CRPA & CalGuns.net team up to support The Junior League of Los Angeles
  142. Pride for the Team!
  143. KFOK Gun Show to Feature Lobbyist Tom Pedersen
  144. CRPA President and Executive Director's Report for March
  145. The CRPA and NRA are Sponsoring Three Bills This Year
  146. Attention CRPA Women!
  147. CRPA Needs Your Help! We are seeking volunteers across California.
  148. EPA Rejects Center for Biological Diversity’s Second Shot at Banning Lead Ammunition
  149. About Metallic Silhouette Sports Shooting
  150. What's going on in here?
  151. Who deleted the BoD Resignation threads?
  152. Is latest email correct? SB1567
  153. CRPA’s Official Statement on the ‘save CRPA.org’ Website
  154. A CRPA member Statement on the ‘save CRPA.org’ Website
  155. Looking for Closed Indoor Ranges
  156. CRPA Executive Director and President's Monthly Report for April
  157. So CRPA? Questions for you.
  158. OPPOSE SB 1221 – Ban on Dogs For Hunting Bear and Bobcat
  159. UPDATE 5/9 - CRPA’s Election Guide & Voting Recommendations for 2012
  160. OPPOSE SB 1315 – Imitation Firearms Regulations; County of Los Angeles
  161. How the Media Missed a Self-Defense Gun Story
  162. In Memory Of Second Amendment Advocate and Fresno District Attorney Ed Hunt
  163. The CRPA Will Be at the 2012 Turner’s Outdoorsman Shooting Sports Fair
  164. Membership fees
  165. What is the value of CRPA? Can someone explain it to me?
  166. Happy Memorial Day!
  167. NRA Files Legal Brief In Second Amendment Challenge to San Francisco Gun Control Laws
  168. Don't forget! Come Join the CRPA at the Turner’s Outdoorsman Shooting Sports Fair!
  169. CRPA Dues Increase Effective June 1
  170. CRPA Executive Director and President’s Monthly Report for May
  171. My CRPA life membership
  172. Ninth Circuit Nordyke Ruling Allows Gun Shows On Alameda County Fairgrounds
  173. Iver Johnson Indentity ?
  174. Help Stop SB 249! Ban on Possession of Magazine Release Parts
  175. Important CRPA Member Alert - Help Stop These Bills
  176. SB 249 Amended and Tentatively Scheduled for Hearing on July 3! Help Stop SB 249!
  178. Please continue Your Efforts to Stop SB 249 and SB 1221
  179. Join us for CRPA's 2012 Annual Family Fun Shoot!
  180. CRPA Executive Director’s Report for July
  182. An invitation to the membership of the California Rifle and Pistol Association
  183. These Sheriffs Took a Stand Against SB 249! Please Say Thank You!
  184. SB 249 Failed Passage!
  185. EMT Volunteers Needed for CRPA's Family Fun Shoot
  186. Family Fun Shoot 8/25 ....Full Auto! :)
  187. CA Fish and Game Commission Rejects Proposed Expansion of Lead Ammunition Ban
  188. Vacaville Great Outdoors Home & Garden Show - Oct 5-7, 2012
  189. can i buy a gun in Nevada
  190. CRPA Legislative Alert - 5 Bills are in the Governor's Hands - Take Action Now!
  191. CRPA Executive Director and President's Monthly Report for August
  192. CRPA Family Fun Shoot: We Need Your Opinion, Feedback And Input
  193. NRA and CRPA Foundation vs. OC Sheriff Sandra Hutchens in U. S. District Court
  194. Membership Question
  195. NRA to Intervene on Behalf of Hunters in Potentially Pivotal Lawsuit
  196. State Long range championship Coalinga
  197. "There's Safety in Numbers" CRPA Family Membership Offer
  198. CRPA Executive Director and Presidents Monthly Report for October
  199. Gunbroker education campaign
  200. Ka – Khing! NRA Recovers Another $98,000 in Attorney’s Fees
  201. CRPA Executive Director and Field Rep’s Monthly Report for November
  202. Federal Court Strikes Down Illinois Ban on Carrying Handguns In Public
  203. Signed up for the CRPA via the NRA one year free offer...
  204. Our Second Amendment rights are in great peril! It's now, or never!
  205. YOU are your own first Responder… Are you ready to protect your family?
  206. Newsletter size???
  207. Vacaville Total Home Garden & Outdoors Show - April 12-14, 2013
  208. Gang Violence and Gun Control
  209. We need volunteers for Pacific Airgun Expo and Fresno Gun Show!
  210. Briefs Submitted in Challenge to San Francisco Gun Laws
  211. Proof of membership
  212. NRA News at the CRPA 2013 Gala - Watch the interviews
  213. CRPA at Dave Grossman Event in Sac
  214. CRPA appreciates your support! AB 174 AMENDED!
  215. I'm newbie
  216. How to do more?
  218. Need to reset user id password
  219. 10 round 22 mailorder ban in CA?
  220. Family Fun Shoot 2013 in Sacramento. Attendance ticket not yet received.
  221. Free Calif. Firearms laws!
  222. Fairfield Home & Garden Show - Oct 18 - 20, 2013
  223. became a member last month!
  224. CRPA Foundation Fundraiser - Sat, Nov 23, 2013
  225. Typo
  226. CRPA at Fairfield Home & Garden Show April 11 - 13, 2014
  227. CRPA Renewal
  228. Magazine Advertising Opportunity
  229. New CRPA gear in the online store!
  230. California Gun Laws Book - Second Edition
  231. CRPA elections, what am I missing
  232. CRPA Booth at Fairfield Home & Garden Show - Oct 2014
  233. CRPA Fall Pheasant Hunt
  234. Volunteers
  235. Join us in Northern California!
  236. magazine road
  237. Want to win some .22?
  238. Win ammo & guns in Irvine!
  239. CRPA: Please respond to messages sent thru your website!
  240. CRPA Classes now open!
  241. 2015 State Lever Action Championships: June 11-14: Hat Creek California
  242. CRPA at Dixon Home Show - Feb 13-15, 2015
  243. Shot Show 2015
  244. Just Joined - Membership Card?
  245. Hunting Harrassment?
  246. NRA Voting Members- Let Your Voice Be Heard!
  247. CRPA files in support of CO appellants
  248. Firearm Safety Certificate Lawsuit
  249. DOJ posts FAQ re: the Firearms Safety Certificate
  250. Help Change the CRPA! We Need To Hear From YOU!